From internet pervert, lone loser, struggling with depression to meeting new women, earn 3x money and having passion for life.

I made it guys. 90 Days hard mode no PMO. From being a internet pervert, struggling with huge huge depression and severe suicidal thoughts, cheating girls on chats, feeling like a killer, lone loser without any communication skills and so afraid of everything now I’m meeting new women, earn 3x money I had, have passion, living with another person in 5x better place being pretty calm.

I’ve tried gazylions of time to stop fapping – I would do it everywhere, even with my brothers bed. Even jacking off with open doors and family reunion. Fapping to everything everywhere for ~15 years. I was super unhappy, super afraid, super unconfident, feeling worthless, stupid, small dick and like a total loser pussy.

Sometimes addiction was that strong that I would just need to do it not to go insane. Sometimes I was going into my car driving all city and screaming … it was that bad. I prayed to god being angry at him for my life, wanting to worship Satan. I had premature ejaculations, alcoholic disorders, drug usage, enormous loneliness and lost on connectivity.

Now after 90 days I changed my work to be much more payed, tindering girls – had a first kiss some days ago and almost sex because she proposed to me (I refused because I was a bit afraid to have it so fast after such big break). I’ve changed my place to be a normal new apartment living with a friend, not an ugly flat living completely lonely and abandoned. I’m currently talking with ~5 girls and hanging out with them – they love my confidence. They are just humans. Not anything better than you. They also want to have a good guy. Also I’m following my passions, walking confident, dressing nice feeling girls looking at me..

I made this long path just improving myself every fucking day, slight edge. Gazylions of YouTube mindset videos, books, articles, sports. It all started from stopping jacking off and drink a lot lot less. Today I felt like really happy in work. Just had huge amount of energy to release.

I don’t want to go back to the black past…. I don’t feel like masturbating ever again.

Sometimes I have bad days especially when I drink too much or just have stomach issues – then Im sad or something. Sometimes also I feel lonely, but it happens so rarely. Now I can sleep not being bothered about the future. It’s pretty ok

I could talk and talk about it but THANK YOU GUYS FOR THIS FORUMS and I hope this post will inspire guys to stop jacking off.


LINK – 90 days

by TheTanatos