Age 24 – From low and defeated to high paying job, car, apartment and morning wood!

It’s been a long battle, I’ve finally reached half of 90 days! My previous streak was 14 days, I don’t intend on stopping even after 90 days.

I thought I would share the lowest point in my life to contrast the beast feeling I have now..

It’s super creepy and sad. You have been warned.

I went to one of the biggest party schools in America, my virgin PIED ass was friends with lots of cool people. I went out drinking with my bros one night, literally everyone except me ended up going home with someone.

I ubered back home feeling defeated, when I got out of the car, I saw this hot blonde girl sitting by the pavement with her high heels on the road. She was very drunk, her other fiends helped her get up and led her to her apartment. I sneakily stayed and stole the heels so that no one would notice.. I went up to my room, locked it and tried to masturbate smelling it(I don’t even have a foot fetish and it wasn’t turning me on) after a failed attempt, I switched to porn and watched it for about 6 hours.

I remember, earlier that night, in the club, I had gone up to some girl and asked “what about me is wrong? What is wrong with me? Why won’t you dance with me?” When a girl said no to me.

Guys. I have never been so low and so defeated in life.

This was 2 years ago. I’ve worked super hard on my mental health, fitness, I’ve been eating super healthy, got a high paying job, bought a car and am renting my own apartment. I don’t obsess over girls anymore.. I know that I’m important as an individual and I value myself! I’m still virgin but it no longer makes my heart sink because I know that that’s not what makes me a man. Women have actually been paying attention, this blows my mind away!! I’ve never had that!! My PIED looks like it’s slowly going away.. I get morning wood.. not super hard but I get turned on more easily and I have the other usual benefits you see.

Thanks for supporting me guys. It’s nice to know that the someone gives a fuck about people like me. I’ll support as many people and help as many people as I can. I’m 24.

LINK – Day 45. Cringiest thing I did in the past

By guitarnerd94