Fully recovered of PIED and PE

[It] has been a long time since i have been on the forum. I’m here to give you the assurance that if you follow the plan, long term you are going to be healed 100% as i am.

-It’s been more than a year since i stopped watching that devil on the screen and stopped masturbating. I had issues with the erection and also with PE

It has been a long road but now, a year later after i discovered the root of the problem and eliminated it completely i can say that god was by my side and i had a recovery.

The sex is totally different and a girlfriend that loves you will make all the difference. You just need to never watch that devil again and never touch your dick in order to masturbate. Trust me, it is going to work.

I went from 5 seconds to having half an hour of intercourse on the first round, and the erection looks like a rock right now. Sometimes i am just having a walk with my girl and i get a erection. [Morning wood] is not every day but is mostly 3 or 4 days in a week.

There are no big rules and fairy tales to tell. There is only one solution: give up the screens and go into the real life. Pray to god. He Will help a lot and have faith.

It will take time. I don’t know how much, but 100% you are going to be healed.

Good luck brothers.

LINK – Fully recovered of PIED and PE

By sicknessrecovery