Gave a rocking presentation in front of about 100 people with no stage fright

I could go on on on about the subjective benefits of NoFap but they are always prone to infallibility. So I will only list objective benefits that clearly indicates the change in reality.

  1. My body heats up, senses get sharper and heart starts racing a little (Not in a nervous but a confident way) in close proximity of a woman and a voice tells me from the inside to go approach her and I do approach her. If her reaction is negative, I simply brush it off and move on. Something like this never used to happen before. I was suffering with approach anxiety. I have approached over 10 women in the past 100 days and gotten 1 instant date too. No phone numbers though but I am happy with my success so far.

  2. I gave a rocking presentation in front of about 100 people and experienced no stage fright. My body was relaxed, voice was confident and mind was working rapidly. Got several compliments for my confidence.

  3. Regularly started meditating 30 days ago, every day.

  4. Consistent in Gym since past 2 years and in good shape.

LINK – 100 Days Completed- Objective benefits(No Placebo)

By babban_rao