Glorious erections, confidence, energy and self-control


Now this might not seem like much to the absolute legends on here with 500+ days but I want to point out the benefits I’ve experienced personally.

  1. More energy. I always wanted to work out but always gave the excuse of there being no gym in my area and me being tired after work but now I wake up with so much energy in the mornings that I have to work some of it off.
  2. Improved awareness. I’ve become more aware of myself, others and my surroundings instead of walking around in a daze all the time. This has led to me being able to see my flaws and start to work on them.
  3. Improved Self Control: I’ve finally cut down on sugary and fatty foods. After deleting my gigabytes of huge anime tiddies I feel like I can do anything.
  4. I feel more attracted to real women now that I’m not comparing them to porn stars or anime girls with boobs bigger than my head.
  5. Last but not least boners. I’m talking erections powerful enough to wake me up from deep sleep with how powerful they are, I feel like if I ran into a wall with one of these every wall in a 5,000 kilometer radius would cease to exist. Of course there was a period where I was barely getting any erections but once you get past that point it’s glorious.

Not beating my meat like it owes me money has given me the will and confidence to look both people and life in the eye and try to better myself.

LINK – So I reached day 20

By homuhomunopistol