Great relationship with my girlfriend, no terror/anxiety, and a real love for life

When I started this journey, I wasn’t happy, I was terrified and anxious all the time. I hated going to school and I drowned my depression and anxiety in video games and PMO. But I powered through and found the nofap community.

(if you need help send me a chat)

I decided to try it after hearing all the benefits, and surprise surprise after 3 days I quit. I tried rationalising to myself that it was because nofap was pointless but deep down I knew I had a problem.

It was only after starting meditation that I decided to try again, this time after relapse after relapse. I finally got some momentum, I put all my energy into my goals and started reaching them.

It took action after action and failure after failure to get here, but here I am and im sitting here writing this, with the body I want, a great relationship with my girlfriend, no anxiety and a real love for life. I am blessed to be where I am and its because of this journey that got me here. If you need help send me a chat.

I still have sex with my girlfriend so I don’t feel stored up, I have a great connection with girls and don’t have the same mentality I used too. and I am definitely able to enjoy being with her.

LINK – How I Transformed my life with nearly 5 years of nofap

By Busy-Storm1571