Greater confidence, sharper mind, more gregarious

This is the second time I’m trying nofap. The last time I tried celibacy was 3 years back (a 50-day streak). I always knew watching these things are wrong but I would always end up falling prey to it.

What made this attempt successful, I believe is the mindset. I just told myself “Dude you have to stop this”. I read many stories of couples whose relationships got ruined just because of porn. I never want something like this to happen if I find my significant other.

Watching porn and busting my nuts was really taking my time away, ruining my sleep and affecting my daily life. And about the huge benefits of Nofap are concerned, I’m not sure if it’s caused by placebo or something.

Benefits I’ve seen so far:

1) Confidence

2) Better utilization of time

3) The “deep” voice thing is true I guess xD

4) New hobbies

5) Sharper mind: I can focus on multiple stuffs now

6) Better personality: I have become more gregarious. I make quick jokes and make people laugh now.

7) Girls? I had some good meaningful conversations with some girls. Since there’s a lockdown in my place I couldn’t go out often. But I did notice some women staring at me.

The downsides:

1) “Social Media” addiction; During the first few days of nofap I started spending more time on social media. I then started tackling social media addiction.

2) Urges: I didn’t have much urges. Probably only for 3 days (I thought I’ll lose it but I kept strong)

3) Flatline: This is quite the weirdest thing that had happened, I thought flatline is a myth. I lost two weeks just being unproductive and felt a lack of motivation.


by swandive987