Age 21 – Greater energy, motivation & self-confidence. Clear mindset, no more anxiety. Healthier than I’ve ever been.

Before I started this challenge I was a sitting piece of Dog Shit who was going through all types of things (Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Bad hygienic , Etc.) I could jerk off pretty much everywhere I went, LITERALLY I would go through phases where I would be like I need this or else. you could say it was like smoking cigarettes (ONCE YOU START YOU CAN NEVER STOP). But that all stopped once I found out about PMO and nofap, best thing i ever came across.

I know I’ve been through a lot of changes and i wanna label them all and what i felt throughout my time on the challenge.

Energy and motivation – I started feeling a lot of energy in the first few days of this challenge and then I got motivation to go for walk at night. I also started cleaning my room when it needed to be clean and having cold showers every now and then.

Self Confidence – Confidence was on a rise around second week in I could talk to people more seriously without giving them little pep talks about how to do this and that, before i was too shy to have a full conversation with the person and try to space myself from people not anymore! I’ve seen this on a lot of post and i could say this is true but girls actually look at you as a man and not just a boy! I MEAN THAT F*CKN AWESOME.

Better Hygiene – I bought clothes that i felt more comfortable in also started investing money in buying spray/Colognes and i mean HEAPS. Skin would feel healthy and better also

Waay less worries and emotions – No more getting angry at little things I use to always rage while playing video game not anymore.

Clear Mindset and no more anxiety – what I realised is that the reason you overthink things is because your mind is in control of you! I learned to master my own thoughts and that is a big thing for me, More focused.

No more stress – I was very happy with this one. started appreciating my family more and started to love myself for who I am. not giving a fuck what people think.

Better Sleep – i would always get at least 8/9 hours of sleep maybe even more before I couldn’t do that! also would wake up with morning wood majority of the days! lol (wet dreams also)

Other stuff i started getting around the end of the challenge below!

Deeper voice, Better smile, Socially active, Dopamine is normal, Healthier than I’ll ever be, Women are attractive x100, More testosterone, Better with money, Not thinking about porn at all, more interest in things, Better perspective, MORE FACIAL HAIR!!!!!

!Extra stuff i added while on the challenge!

Mewing, Meditation, Better posture.

I will be continuing my progress for a 150-day challenge! Thanks to everyone for the Motivation in the subreddit I’ve seen while on this challenge couldn’t have gotten here without y’all.


by PrinceXLoFi