Greater energy & productivity. Better sleep. Seem more attractive to opposite sex. Less anxiety. Easier to be aroused.

Rather than drafting this one in a lengthy paragraph, I am going to break it down in relevant metrics, and touch upon all the advantages,

1. Energy – Definitely I have much more energy than before. I have seen increased motivation to get things done. Earlier I used to be lethargic all the time, just wanting to be in my bed.

2. Productivity – If I plot my productivity through these 90 days on a graph, it will come out to be a U-shaped parabola. It kept on decreasing more and more as I got hornier. I could not concentrate on anything else other than sex. It fluctuated for a bit. But then as I gained more control over my thoughts my days started to get more productive. And the last two weeks were extremely productive.

3. Wet dreams – I had a total of 4 nightfalls during this period. One thing common in all 4 nights was that a girl I was texting kept sending me nudes. I got a boner before sleeping. Had nightfall thereafter. If you don’t think about sex before sleep it doesn’t happen

4. More attractive to the opposite sex – well I can’t comment about this one, I didn’t get out of my house often so didn’t encounter many females. I did have one interesting conversation with a female whom I never spoke before, and I was pretty confident while talking to her, and we had a fun chat.

5. Weight gain – I was exercising through this time and eating well. So I gained a few pounds. Which is a good thing for me as I have been really skinny all my life.

6. Sleep – There were days especially in the latter part of the period when I used to sleep only for 6 hours but still had a productive day. I felt my body needs relatively less sleep to get charged than before.

7. Time – Definitely had more of it, as I stopped wasting time exploring porn.

8. Self-control – Initially I missed masturbating, but now I don’t feel like doing it at all. Earlier if I used to get a boner I felt like masturbating. Now I just don’t feel like doing it.

9. Elevated sensitivity – I don’t watch porn now, but if I come across a hot pic (which is really hard to avoid these days especially if you use Instagram) that gives me a boner, I feel much more sensitive on my the tip of my penis, meaning whenever I will have sex I will get more pleasure than before.

10. Anxiety – I wouldn’t say it fixed all my anxiety issues, but it sure did help me tackle it. earlier my heart rate used to increase at an abnormal rate even in small situations, not so much now. I am still working on this one though.

This is all I could think of now. If you need to know more about any other specific things, let me know, I am here to help.

Also, this is not the end of my 90-day journey, it’s just the beginning, last few weeks I really started to see the productivity, and I am going to take it forward and extract maximum out of it.

LINK – My 90 day nofap (not using porn) experience

by rick_47099