Greater Mental clarity, More confidence, Better eye contact, Decreased lusting after women – don’t feel like I have to chase women around


Here’s what I’ve noticed in my life (everyone is different by the way):

  • Mental clarity – not a whole lot of mental clarity, but a noticeable amount
  • Decrease in desire to lust after women
  • More motivation to eat better and treat my body better (this I noticed big time for me)
  • Way more confidence – especially in my speech, I feel like I could say whatever I want
  • More eye contact
  • I look at the person I’m speaking to better, letting them know they have my full attention.
  • Also, if I see a woman looking at me, I’ll just stare back, and not really care (something I wouldn’t have done before)
  • I don’t feel like I have to chase women around, I feel so confident in myself, and that most women don’t deserve me. I feel like I should be the one that should be chased just as much.


BY – LukeBlosser