Now I can be out and about as the proud trans woman. Had social anxiety & fear of public places.

LINK – I legit can’t comprehend my progress. NoFap really works if you work it y’all!

by kyliecannoli


It was alllll kinds of anxiety. But social anxiety was definitely a huuuge one. I was constantly afraid of people clocking me and making fun of me cuz I’m a trans woman. The grocery store is always super bright, so i felt like I couldn’t hide in the dark or in my car. I did a lottttt of drive thru at fast food places just so I didn’t have to deal with crowds. Now I only do drive thru like twice a month at most, and only cuz I crave fast food lol.

Every time I don’t give in to my addiction, I’m able to gain a little bit more confidence. Over time it really builds up. Now I can be out and about as the proud trans woman that I’ve always wanted to be and not giving a single fuck what other people think of me. NoFap is truuuuly amazing.



My social anxiety started in second year of college. I remember I would always get lunch/dinner and bring it back to my dorm to eat. And it got even worse around 25 when I got clocked and laughed at in a chinese grocery store during early days of my transition.

For whatever reason, porn and fap addiction make us really anxious and anti-social. Literally nothing major has changed in my life in the past 5 months, EXCEPT that I been nofap. And then everything else in my life started to improve.

Besides public speaking, I’ve always been knocking on doors for a local politician, speaking to countless strangers. And today someone called me “a social person”, and I told my best friend and she and I laughed cuz we both knew how ostrich I’d been for as long as she remembers lol.