Laugh more, Less nervous in public, Morning wood is back, Increased endurance

Finally I could make it. Actually I don’t know exactly how many days I’ve passed without PMO. But since I’m Muslim, and I’m fasting during Ramadan, from that I know I could reach 30 days without PMO.

The withdrawal symptoms in early 1-2 weeks was almost not exist. Starting on weeks 3 that memory of P arose, I often fantasize when I’m going to sleep even until now like I couldn’t control it. Now my challenge is to get rid that P fantasy I think, maybe you can give me an advice guys how to get rid this fantasy, I would appreciate it.

I also get the benefit of nofap like the other tell, here are some of the benefit:
1. Feel happier.
2. Now I get my morning wood back.
3. More cheerful.
4. Could laugh more on funny things, even a little funny things I could laugh happily.
5. Breathe more relax.
6. When speaking in public, I could control the nervous, I’m still nervous but I could control it.
7. I feel my endurance increase.
8. Hair loss decrease.
9. I could talk with other people with keep on eye contact though still can’t focus.

I would like to thank you to all people here who have motivate, encourage, and give me advice, also to Muslim fapstronauts group as well, finally I could write in success story section. My journey may still be long but this little victory brings me joy to continue.

LINK – Reach 30 Days Without PMO After 6 Years of Failure

by staying_alive