Helped with social anxiety, I can actually somewhat talk to women now

Hey everyone, a couple of weeks ago I reached 90 days and I said I would tell you my story and how my life has changed. Just haven’t had the time with school and this week I was recovering from surgery but now I’m ready to report, sorry I’m a bit past 90 days.

Before I tell my story, I’m going to give a Positive, Neutral and Negative list. Now these are my subjective experience, if your new, you’re not going to see what happened to me happen to you. Everyone is different, yes, I had some negative side effects.

This is my subjective 90 Days PMO

Warning: I’m a little dyslexic so sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes.


  • No more need to wank or watch porn: I just don’t have the urge to anymore, its relaxing not needing to worry about if anyone is coming home, you don’t need to worry about your history being dirty. Your life is just clean.
  • Helped with social anxiety: Now people say their social anxiety completely vanishes and now their social butterflies after 90 days. This didn’t happen to me, but I’m a lot better. I’m still pretty bad, have trouble with small talk and introducing myself but before 90 days, fuck me I was bad. Every time I would to talk to someone new, my face would go red and I go quiet and I wouldn’t even say anything, all they need to do was just to say hi to me. But now I feel much more comfortable in social situations.
  • General self-control improvement: I can control myself with really anything. Temptation is much easier to tame; this is helpful especially to me because recently I’ve been experimenting with drug taking. I’m safe and I’m not doing any hardcore shit but there were times where I could’ve gotten addicted but I didn’t…because of my new improved self-control
  • I can actually somewhat talk to women now: I’m no smooth chad type shit, but at least now I feel like I have a chance, this links back with the social anxiety thing.


  • Hardly get hard randomly anymore: I don’t get random boners anymore…that’s it. It’s not a bad thing but not really a good thing, I sometimes think my dick doesn’t work and this did happen a lot during the 90 days. This is apparently normal; this is how I replaced actually. I thought my dick was broken so I watched some porn to see if it works, and obviously it did, then I was sent back to day 0.
  • I don’t care anymore: This sounds really depressing but I’M OKAY. What I mean is, I don’t care what people think about me, I don’t care about petty small shit and just general anxiety is gone. Reason this is a neutral is because I don’t care about school or my body anymore because I just don’t care. I’m not suicidal or anything, I love life, family and friends but I don’t know…Just don’t care.


  • My stamina: What I mean is the time it takes for me to ejaculate (sorry for the TMI but I thought this needs to be said). Every time I would relapse I would 30-40 seconds top, and that’s not an exaggeration. I’m not worrying about it but I know the next I’m with a girl, it’s going to be awkward
  • Wet Dreams are intense and weird: I have wet dreams much more often and it’s weird and fucked. I don’t even dream sexual things; I just ejaculate and it doesn’t feel good. It isn’t painful but it isn’t good, before the 90 they were enjoyable now they just wake me up annoyed and soaked.
  • Stopped working out: I haven’t got an explanation for this, maybe not caring about my body but near the 90-day mark I just stopped…Don’t know why.
  • No superpowers: This is probably the biggest, and it’s partly my fault but every post I saw was “I have super powers now!”, “I was a nerd, now I’m the post popular kid in school” “90 days and now have 12 girlfriends!!”. Of course, I’m exaggerating but you know what I mean. I was naive to believe this type of stuff would happen to me, I saw some change to my life, it wasn’t flipped upside down and upgraded.

Ending with this, don’t go into this for you to become a superman but go into this because you want your life to be cleaner and clear.

Thanks for the support, sorry for the long post. Love you all

LINK – 90 day review and story

by Pussypolitics