Confidence up, depression down, conversation much easier, good new friends

I got to day 95 and relapsed yesterday. First about my streak, the last 95 days were a very good time in my life, I experienced:

-higher levels of not giving a fuck

-higher levels of confidence

-much more girl attraction & conversation became so much easier (one CRAZY example is I was working out, saw a girl walk past, so I walked over talked for 2/3 mins having a chill convo got her number, texted her and we went out 2 days later – the craziest thing is it seemed so natural like this is totally normal which is how things should be but was never the case for me. Also, the date was ok but she was not for me – could be down to inexperience)

-stopped drinking alcohol & doing drugs except for one night in the 95 days

-improved my diet

-studied more than I ever have before

-made good new friends/connections despite covid

-missed two gm sessions in the last 2 months (I do 3 session a week every week) when before I would miss around half the sessions

-a few days I had the ‘best day ever’ – i.e., had the best day of my life on two occasions

-little to no depression for 70% of the time

There are examples here which are subjective (i.e., could just me my opinion) but some quantifiable benefits also for those that need more ‘real’ evidence of benefits. No fap is awesome, life changing and it is a PIECE of the puzzle in living a dope life.

LINK – 95 days and relapsed here are my benefits …

by dandeman7118