Higher self-esteem, mental stability and empathy towards other people


Some changes: higher self-esteem, mental stability and empathy towards other people in general. Most importantly, however, the willpower to pursue long-term goals.  Most of all, I really wanted a change. I hit my rock bottom before starting NoFap and because of that I always have a vivid reminder of what I never want to go back to.

Some of the conventional things I did to stay committed include:

  • Being out of my living place as much as possible (the first 3 months) ‒ effectively avoiding triggers and keeping myself busy at the same time
  • Telling a friend ‒ not so that I would be accountable in front of him if I relapse. It just feels nice knowing that at least someone of your immediate circle is aware that you are struggling and supports you. PMO addiction was not my dirty little secret anymore
  • Browsing the subreddit regularly ‒ allowed me to process other users’ experience. By reading success stories, I learn what I could gain if I keep going. By reading failure posts, I either remind myself why I started or become aware of yet another trap to look out for
  • Writing a diary ‒ that one, I think, made a big difference. It’s not a NoFap diary exclusively, it also contains some conclusions which I’ve reached. It really helped me analyse my problems. At first, I just opened an empty notepad and started to type my thoughts. They became more structured and concise with time.

A massive thanks to all of you who shared experience, I’ve really learned a lot from it. I am not leaving NoFap just now, on the contrary, it is only one of the many steps which I must take along the never-ending road of self-improvement.

Best of luck to all of you and just a piece of advice: always keep in mind that even a victory is followed by the second round. I really hope you reach your goal, man. Be safe.

LINK – I did it guys, 1 year on hard mode!

By HerwiPotahTLDR