How I completed my 90 days. Long post. My tips in the end.

I am a teenager male. Masturbating for about 3 to 4 years from puberty. When I hit puberty, I started getting a lot of wet dreams. I used to masturbate but not that often and felt a wierd attraction towards the opposite sex. I was not into porn yet. Whenever I had a wet dream I felt really embarrassed. When I had a wet dream, I used to change my pants as soon as I woke up as I didn’t want my parents to see my pants soaked in semen. After doing some research on the internet, I found out that masturbating every few days is normal and helps to stop wet dreams. And from there I started masturbation on a regular basis.

I used to look at women in songs, pictures or just something soft-core on YouTube to do my thing and saw actual porn only sometimes. In the beginning it was usually twice a week but sometimes it would become once everyday. Sometimes I used to pmo even when my body didn’t want to. This went on for 3 to 4 years, and I started to think “Am I addicted to it?”, “Am I doing it for pleasure and not when I am aroused?”, “Did masturbating in my growth years take a toll on my health?”, And that is when I found about nofap.

Then after seeing its benefits and having felt related to the problems with pmo, I made up my mind and decided to quit. After a week of nofap I started feeling the benefits, not looking at pictures of women and porn made me feel energetic. I kept on it. There were a few days where I almost failed but kept myself strong and my first streak was of 22 days. What I learnt from this is having a cold water bath everyday was really helping me as I didn’t take baths everyday before. I really helped my as before I would get pain in the groin if I didn’t masturbate for a week. Don’t edge guys.

When I fapped after my first streak,I felt a bit refreshed but kept my mind strong to keep up with nofap. A few more 20+ streaks and then my highest streak was of 32 days. I kept challenging myself, lurking in this subreddit for motivation and one of the lines that hit me was something like “When you were starting, you were desperate to be where you are now. So why do you want to go back?”. Then the next month my new record became of 34 days I was really happy about it. The discipline of working out and not fapping had made me feel good. I noticed that I could talk to my female friends with more ease when I had long streaks and felt that they were being attracted to me during those streaks. This feeling surely went away when I used to relapse. And like this a while year had passed. I had completed my school exams very nicely and promoted to the next grade.

Now a bit of family problems, study pressure, took me away from my disciplines. I had downloaded Instagram so that I could text my friends more easily which turned out to be a mistake for nofap. I would just stumble upon a picture of a model and would edge. As weeks went by and I lost my discipline, I began pmo once again. After a year of trying nofap I was becoming the old version of myself once again. This went on for about 6 months, when I lost all my benefits and was just like my old self.

When this became unbearable as I used to think how good I was on nofap, I decided that I would quit pmo once again. This time my first streak lasted only a week, as I still saw a few pictures and thought about fapping to them. After the first week, my mind was being kind of cluttered, so I sat down opened all the pictures on my mind and fapped for a last time. After that I felt a bit satisfied and from there the monstrous streak began.

I made my mind strong that I was not gonna see a picture or even fantasize about sex or women. This helped me even more. After a month of nofap after 6 to 7 months of fapping, I used to feel withdrawal symptoms. Like feeling a bit anxious and getting headaches. Sometimes my balls would feel heavy like I was having blue balls. But keeping my mind focused on one goal and diverting it from sexual thoughts helped a lot. I didn’t count the days after a while and they were just flying through.

Fast forward to now and I am on day 96 as I write this. I am really happy that I am so close to 100 days. Like almost a third of the year without pmo.

Now some tips I would like to write here so that they easy to read:-

  • Have cold showers or baths atleast once daily.

-Workout and eat healthy. Take care of your body.

-Try to make a daily routine to maintain discipline.

-You are on nofap but keep your genitals clean. Be hygienic.

-Keep your mind on one goal. Don’t have conflicting thoughts. Be strong about not pmo and not edging or fantasizing. Any thought that comes about it say no to it right away. Don’t let it get big and clutter your mind the whole day.

-Wet dreams are normal. I used to get wet dreams for a 2-3 days continuously. But keeping yourself away from triggers helps. I started wearing black pants to hide wet dreams which also helped my case.

  • Don’t edge. Don’t even fantasize.

-Forget about the days, make nofap a lifestyle.

-Don’t wear tight clothing when sleeping, especially tight pants.

-Try to wake up early. Idk why but waking up late causes me to get wet dreams. Most of my wet dreams were just before I wake up late from normal.

This post has become very long so if you want me to write my benefits please comment me and I will write a new post on it.

Thank you for reading.

LINK – How I completed my 90 days. Long post. My tips in the end.

by drokrizud

ANOTHER VERSION – My Benefits after 90 days of nofap.

I recently completed 90 days on nofap and will now share the benefits I received from it. (I even stopped edging and fantasizing)

  • More time to do productive stuff. By not looking at porn or wasting time fantasizing or masturbating I saved a ton of time and energy.
  • Clearer thinking and decisiveness increased.
  • Began to eat healthy and workout. On nofap I got more motivation to become fit.
  • Stopped looking at women like sex objects. I now look at them like I am going to give them love, care for them, and pay attention to them when I have to. It is like a new feeling for them.
  • More attraction towards everyday simple women. I now feel attracted to women who are even fully covered (Obviously the women I find cute and not just anyone.) Sometimes I even get slight erections when I am talking to someone I am attracted to.
  • Porn now gives me a feeling of disgust. I am like “Eww I watched that, I don’t want to watch it now.” My brain now just stops me automatically if I randomly come across something even close to normal porn. I feel disgusted to watch even soft-core stuff. But this does not happen in real life and with real women.
  • Random boners and morning wood came back.
  • Wet dreams came back but overtime their frequency decreased as I thought less of sex and women.
  • I can now talk to my female friends with ease. I used to find it hard to talk to women, but now I can have meaningful conversations with them easily.
  • Brain less cluttered with sexual thoughts. I guess the journey makes your brain carry less of these thoughts throughout the day.
  • Harder erections than before. I am now getting rock hard boners which get me erect to the fullest. Harder erections than I used to pmo.
  • Not having the guilty feeling in your head after pmo is just amazing. It used to make me feel sad that why did I fap. But since nofap I just don’t get to experience them.
  • I feel like I am becoming more of a learner from my life experiences than I was when I used to pmo.
  • I genuinely feel the female attraction towards me. Not from all of them but I do feel it. Never asked them about it. I guess it’s real.
  • The feeling of success, that “Yes, I actually did something which is hard” is just a great feeling.

Thanks for reading 🙂