Age 25 – I am happier, more confident and more motivated than ever

I found about NoFap around 5 years ago, I was 20 years old at the time. I was in a bad place and I was looking for something to change my life for the better. I was curious about the potential benefits of NoFap so I tried it for a week and I started to experience a lot of the benefits that people posted on this sub. However my streak only lasted 10 days and I quickly went back to my old habits. For the last 5 years, outside of a few short streaks, I have been PMOing almost every day. I was always ashamed and angry at myself and deep down I knew that If I were able to overcame this addiction my life would improve. I just never had the drive to fully commit.

This summer everything changed. I was solo traveling across Europe mostly staying in Airbnbs by myself. Since I was alone and bored I spend a lot of my time PMOing (some days up to 5 times a day). For the last week of my vacation I decided to join a more “social” hostel. Here is where I met one of the most beautiful girls that I have ever met. It’s been a long time since I fell in love with a girl and I couldn’t stop thinking about this girl that I just met. I was there for a few days but Fapping was the last thing that I wanted to do. I was too busy making friends, having fun, experiencing life and getting to know this girl. Nothing unfortunately ended up happening with the girl but the love that I experienced for her changed me. I realized that deep down I knew I wasn’t good enough that I wasn’t the best person version of myself.

When I got back I decided that I needed to change. It was now or never. I have been stuck in the same routine for the last few years and nothing was changing. I wasn’t happy and PMOs was just an escape that I was using to forget that, if for just a few seconds.

Here are some of the benefits that I experienced:

Day 1-30

The first thing that I noticed was that I was having more vivid dreams. This always happens on every streak that I had but it always surprises me how Fapping can have such a big effect on dreaming (I almost never dream when I am Fapping).

I started having a lot more free time to pursue other interests. I realized how much time I was wasting trying to find the perfect video and how much PMO was draining every night. I used to PMO every night after work and I always felt like I never had free time outside of work. All of a sudden I felt like a I had 2-3 hours of extra a time a day to do whatever I wanted.

I was able to concentrate more and procrastinate less. Usually when I was stuck on a problem or working on something that felt hard and challenging I would simply procrastinate by Fapping. Now that was gone I was able to do all the work that I needed to do.

The biggest change however was the energy. Holy Shit!! In the first few weeks I starting having these insane waves of energy. I couldn’t even control them. Sometimes I would need to go outside and start sprinting while blasting very loud music in my ears because I didn’t know what to do with all that energy. I felt so motivated to push myself and to work hard towards my goals. It was like if all my sexual energy that I have been numbing for the last 10+ years was finally coming out. All the posts about increased energy finally made sense.

During this period I was also starting to feel a lot more confident and overall happier. Some days I would just walk around and feel happy about myself and the world. Like the energy, there were days where I would experience these waves of extreme happiness for no reason.

Day 30-60

What comes up must eventually come down. Around day 32-35 I had a big crash. For a solid week I felt unmotivated and depressed. The energy and motivation were gone but thanks to this community I knew that I just needed to push it through this period.

After a week or so I finally started to feel better again. The energy and motivation came back. Not as intense and unstable as before, instead It felt like it was just starting to become part of who I was.

Around this time I also began feeling much less urges. I started to finally feel like NoFap was becoming a real habit. I still needed to come on NoFap almost on a daily basis to make sure that I wasn’t going to relapse but NoFap was starting to feel like the new normal.

Day 60-90

I started to forget about NoFap, benefits, PMO etc. I started to feel like this is just who I was. I started to feel more confident, happier and motivated. I just started to feel good. I was still experiencing the occasional urge but I could easily spend an entire day at home and feel 0 urges (where in the past I would have Fapped 3+ times). I felt like I was finally starting to be the the version of myself that I wanted to be. I felt proud about myself.

Honestly looking back not a lot in my life has actually changed. I don’t have a girlfriend that I love, I am not traveling the world, I don’t own my own company and I haven’t achieved any my other life goals. But my outlook on life and I how I feel about myself completely changed. I am happier, more confident and more motivated than ever. NoFap is not a magic pill that will change your life, its a tool that you can use to change yourself.

LINK – After 5 years of trying I finally made to 90 days!!!

by newdanny