Finally made it to day 90 after trying since 2011

9 years of trying (and failing). And now I finally did it. It’s weird seeing that 90+ number at my name now, since I over the course of these many years often thought it was impossible for me to reach 90 days.

Now I’m not going to deny it, I didn’t do this hard mode and I also believe this is the reason why I finally managed to do it. My record on hard mode is still somewhere around 45 days, so I have mad respect for the people that did 90 days hard mode.

I was about two weeks in to this streak when I found the girl that have since become my girlfriend, and we have sex about 3 times per week, but on the 4 days that we don’t NoFap is pretty much effortless. The thought of fapping in-between having sex is nonexistent.

I wanted to do NoFap because fapping killed all my ambitions to actually find a real girl. So I have always known in the back of my mind that I have to succeed with Nofap before I can find a girlfriend. And over the course of these 9 years, all success I have had with women have come during Nofap streaks. Problem is that I often added fapping back when I was seeing somebody, and this always killed my enthusiasm for them.

This might sound weird to you all, but real sex cannot compete with fapping. fapping is 10x more addictive, because it doesn’t have a component of performance in it. When you have real sex, you have to get your lady off as well, and if you bust your load too early, they will be disappointed, so real sex can be about pinching your leg and breathing deeply, hoping you can last long enough for her to come, this is very strainous compared to seeing these plastic fantastic girls you won’t find it real life, that would do things real girls wouldn’t let you do, and that you can click away when you are done with.

So, if you have been single for very long, its because your brain knows that fapping is better. So only way out is to remove fapping, and if the only pleasure you can ever find again is from real sex, you will adapt to that new circumstance.

Super powers

  • Increased confidence, this I get from not feeling ashamed, and not having flashbacks to the degenerate porn I was watching before.
  • Bigger dick and harder erections, when I was fapping before I could sometimes only produce a semi hard on, this is not the case now.
  • Better skin and more energy. even though I am not doing semen retention, I think the health benefits of having sex causes me to have less stress in my body, and therefor I feel healthier.

You know, we might do this for 90 days to reboot our brains, but truth be told, this is for life. 9 years is long enough to figure out that you can’t have your cake and eat it too. We are like alcoholics, they can never go back to drinking responsibly, and we can never go back to fapping like normal people, if we fapp, we destroy everything else, and it is not worth it

LINK – How I finally made it to day 90 after trying since 2011

by AsMyWorldTurns