How nofap changed my life forever

So, I’m sitting here, writing on my laptop 4+ years clean from nofap, about to go to a photoshoot, and see my amazing girlfriend. I get to live how I want and spend my time with who I want, I am not a slave I am free and blessed.

This is not some meant to come off as arrogant, this is just how far nofap has taken me (if you need help feel free to message me personally)

Not long ago (5 years ago), I was sitting alone, depressed, suicidal and had just relapsed again, it took great strength not to quit and I could barely see a way out. It looked like the rest of my life would be spent alone, jerking off being my only comfort. And at this point I had nearly accepted it.

But I decided to try one more time and give everything I had, I decided it didn’t matter how many times I relapsed I would do this until the bitter end.

I tried, strategy after strategy, looked to mentors and coaches and built myself from the ground up until one day I had made it.

I had been clean for over 9 months with no intention of looking back. I was laying there next to some girl I had gone home with the previous night, I walked through university campus, with friend after friend saying hi, seeing if I was down to do something that night. I got back to my accommodation and looked in the mirror, I was proud of the person I had become, my body was where I wanted it to be, I had an amazing social circle, I was confident and was having great success in my dating life. I was in an upward spiral and it didn’t look to be slowing down. I was content and happy for the first time, and I wasn’t going to stop!

I hope this inspires you and the reason I’m back on this subreddit after many years of staying away, is to give back to the community that helped me achieve the lifestyle I wanted. Nofap isn’t the goal it’s a tool to control your life, once you beat your inner demons the outer ones present no threat.

If you need help please send a chat directly, I’m here to help not to brag, because everything I did you can too.


by edwarddaniels75