Husband – No more ED, good sex and soaking up the joys of life

Feels amazing to be at 90 days. I realized a few days before Thanksgiving that I needed to quit. Again. I’ve ‘quit’ so many times before, but this time seemed easier. I was so focused on being the man I want to be. Being the husband I want to be.

Over the last 90 days my wife and I have had sex 20+ times. It’s been amazing. We didn’t have sex 20 times in the prior five years. I know 20/90 would be a deadbedroom to some, but to me it was incredible. I’m looking forward to moving forward. No more porn. Good sex and soaking up the joys of life without being under the fog of porn.

I was having lots of porn induced ED, so I thought I would need a longer reset. However, I initiated sex after only a few weeks and was successful. All of this is to answer your question – to me, quitting porn was entirely about curing ED and having a good sex love with my wife. I just started initiating more and she was receptive. It was crazy. I don’t even really want to talk about it much, I just keep rolling with it.

Taking it day to day and trying to stay pornfree. I think for me I finally decided I was more interested in a good sex life with my wife vs continuing to jerk off to porn. I’m approaching 40 and want my 40s to be our best sex decade. For that, I needed to quit porn. That gives me focus when the urges hit.

Approaching 40. I don’t know about other benefits. I mean, I feel better knowing I’m not wasting hours watching other people have sex. I think I objectify women less now than before. I’m maybe a little more patient with my kids. I also love walking away from my computer and not having to make sure I’ve closed out all the porn. And not stressing when I’m not home if my wife needs to print something or otherwise use my computer.

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By jk10021