I am able to talk to anyone in any situation, motivation, tendency to look on the bright side

Benefits: confidence, so fucking much of it I am able to talk to anyone in any situation can come back against insults, winning arguements easily, making jokes on the point Feelings are a lot stronger I can be happy about any little things I admire the beauties of nature . Urge to talk when I’m around people, I’ve been the complete opposite before thats a suprising benefit for me Self esteem boosted, I am a real ass motherfucker and It holds up even after the streak is lost. Motivation to workout Tendency to look on the bright side Reduced anger: I’ve never been a hot head but I noticed that I was hardly ever upset on the streak No brain fog Vision is more clear I’ve not experienced any crazy female attraction but I’m much more comfortable around girls

Tips on how to fight urges: Remember why you started and how the relapse would feel When you get the urge go to another room do something different, or better yet leave the house If you don’t P or fantasize MO will not occur so just cut these two (sounds easy huh) Not watching P is a matter of discipline, include regular things that require discipline in your life that helps (such as getting up early to workout studying right after school or following a diet ect) Fantasizing is a tougher customer controlling your toughts is harder than your actions. What I did is kinda weird but works. You start to imagine sex scene imagine punching the guy in the face. If you’re the guy punch the girl. Whatever. And I also used to imagine pyro from tf2 burning them. Helps a lot. I recommend cold showers but not as an everyday thing 1-2 a week is just right.

So that’s it fapstronauts. I wish luck to all of you. Remember to add other useful activities to your life other than nofap. Never give in to the urges fight them like a mad motherfucker. And if you fail don’t be dissapointed. We are humans. We make mistakes. We gotta experience rock bottom to hit the top. Go on improving your lives I’m proud of each and everyone of you. We are fighting this together. I’ve got nothing but respect for you. Life is so short why jerk it away?Love you brothers. We will meet at the top one day.

LINK – Relapsed after 200+

By Detroitaintsafe