I am far more confident and mentally sharp

Me Before Starting This Journey:

I was overweight I lacked confidence. I wasn’t even able to talk front of my class. I used to always feel myself sleepy.

The worst effect of pornography is that it diminishes your mental resources. Concentrating on cognitively challenging activities became far harder for me. I had very weak immune system because i used to eat a lot of snacks and not exercise.

After Starting No Fap

I completely gave up refined sugar and snacks. I started to exercise. I started reading (read about motivation, psychology, human behaviour, evolution).

I started watching Jordan Peterson Lectures. I started to learn playing piano. I started learning french.


I lost weight.

I became relatively more muscular.

I am far more confident and mentally sharp.

I channelled this sexual energy to meaningful and purposeful activities.

LINK – I didn’t fap for 3 years here’s what happened

By Acceptable_Winner397