Age 27 – I am getting attention from girls and the people I work with invite me places

Around this time last year I restarted a journey I have tried to accomplish many times before. I gave up porn for good and today it has been a full year since my last visit to a porn site. I used to watch porn from high school up until college. I didn’t realize I was addicted to it until I tried to give up my habit. Throughout the time in college, I struggled very often with overcoming this addiction. I tried time and time again to never successfully make it as far as I have today.

However, through this struggle I was resilient and never gave up on what I wanted to remove from my life. I can today say that the times before I made it this far in my journey were not easy, however, I can give you hope that the longer you abstain the easier it becomes.

When I was watching porn, I was very lonely, depressed, angry, bitter and anxious. However since I have been free from porn for a full year, I noticed that these feelings have slowed disappeared and are not as heavy as they once were. Ever since becoming porn free, I feel happy, content and hopeful for my future.

I have never been a guy that fit in with my peers and I have never been a guy that has gotten to go out with a girl before. However since I have quit watching porn, I am now regaining hope that I can know what it’s like to have a girlfriend or even a group of friends to hang out with.

Without watching porn for this long, I am noticing that I am getting more attention from girls and the people that I work with started to invite me places with them. I am not exactly where I want to be in life, however, I am now doing well in my job and content with the things that I have. I am not as successful or popular as some of the other people that I know but as each day passes and I abstain from porn, I am realizing that I am growing and becoming a better person.

What I find helpful to me is that instead of spending my time looking at porn, I am going to use my time to do things that allow me to become a better person. For example: reading more books, playing the guitar and getting more exercise. Although that I struggle early on, I believe that if you persevere through the hard times anybody can be able to overcome this addiction. I hope that sharing my story helps. I wish you guys the best in your journey and may you get to know what it’s like to be porn free.

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By turnbacktime