I am never going back – Got a partner, Back to school, Operate on less sleep, Skin looking younger.

I finally made it to the 90 day mark. No PMO. Please do not give up. I believe this is my third attempt on this and I am never going back. Things that I have learned and done:

•intermittent fasting.

•gone back to school.

•less hungry.

•can operate on less sleep.

•muscle feel fuller and more pumped.

•skin is looking younger.

•got a partner!!!!

•I was balding on my scalp and see my hair coming back. It’s also feeling much thicker.

•sexual urges are less frequent and not horny all the time. (Not sure if this is part of a flatline)

TOP TIP: As mentioned before, this is my third time doing this and one thing I learned is that you need to be VERY BUSY. I’m currently studying full-time and working full-time. I literally have no free time to do anything. Limit your alone time to hour(s) a day. You should feel tired each day AND you fall asleep fast.

Wish me luck, because now I’m going 180 days+. I want to reach maximum benefit. #GodMode

LINK – 90 Day is Here!!!! I made it!!!!

by ncas01