I am the most happy with myself and comfortable in my own skin that I think I have ever been. Rock hard.

So it’s actually day 97 but I’m just not getting around to writing this post. Super proud of myself for reaching this milestone and also thankful for all the kindness, support, and wisdom from the members of this sub. You guys are awesome!

I’m going to list for you guys the various effects and benefits I have experienced as well as the things I’ve learned not just on this streak, but in all my time participating in Nofap (~7 months).

First off, physical benefits (I’m going to only include the benefits which I can reasonably conclude are direct results of Nofap. There are also indirect benefits that many experience as a result of the motivation and self-improvement mindset that they get while on Nofap):

  • Return of morning wood. Basically every morning I am rock hard.
  • Penis seems thicker and fuller when flaccid. Basically I would no longer describe it as “floppy”
  • More erections throughout the day.
  • General feeling of more energy and vitality than I had when frequently masturbating.

Mental Benefits:

  • Significantly improved self-image. I am the most happy with myself and comfortable in my own skin that I think I have ever been. I walk around with my shoulders back and my head up.
  • Improved focus and can think more quickly and clearly.
  • More resilient mindset, things don’t get me down for as long. IF I have a bad day or am just feeling a bit off I’m usually feeling like myself again the very next day.
  • Willpower and motivation through the roof. I find myself finally acting on things I’ve wanted to do for a while and striving to be the best version of myself.

Social Benefits:

  • Eye contact is a BIG one. I used to feel awkward looking people in the for extended periods of time while talking to them. Now it is no problem at all. Just yesterday I caught someone’s eyes passing them on the sidewalk and they quickly looked at the ground- the type of shit I used to do!
  • Quicker thinking in conversation. I find that I am more responsive and on-my-feet when talking to people. I struggle with what to say much less, and there is less awkward silences. A fun example of this is that when I get roasted by a friend I am super quick with a comeback.
  • I just talk to people more. In the past, I’ve had instances where I thought of something to say but held back for one reason or another. Now, if something I would like to say comes to mind I just say it. Also things to say come to me easier and more often.

I timed it out so that I would hit day 90 on the first day that I moved into my new college. (I am starting my freshman year). It is a super exciting time and I’m super motivated to continue improving myself during this next phase of life.

I’ve been living here for a week because of orientation and I have found that Nofap has taken a more backseat, subliminal role in my mind. Living with a roommate and having a busy schedule walking around campus all day means Nofap comes naturally and PMO honestly rarely crosses my mine. I have also made a deal with myself that I will never view porn on the new laptop I got for school.

As for the attraction super-power, didn’t have many chances to test that out during the summer but classes start today so you best believe I’m ready to meet some people 🙂

Once again, thanks a ton guys for the advice and support and good luck brothers and sisters, you can do it!

LINK – 90 Days Finally! What I’ve learned:

by countVock