I can actually enjoy sex with my SO now


For me PMO was causing relationship issues (now fixed!!) And perhaps just as exciting is that I don’t have to tense every fibre in my body to climax. Yeah so just an observation / advice for those considering NoFap. Going Pornfree (for me) has led to a much reduced urge to fap – I still do it now and then, but at a much healthier frequency.

As a result I’ve regained a lot of my sensitivity, meaning I can actually enjoy sex with my SO now.

However this certainly didn’t occur overnight. Perhaps it’s healthier to cut porn and let your fap frequency come down slowly rather than white knuckling both? Food for thought.

Thank you so much Pornfree.

24 years old. Improvements? Let’s see:

  • – Vastly improved connection with my SO
  • – Sex feels better
  • – I can climax in more than just one extremely specific position now
  • – I’m less distracted by it now, I have taken up so many new activities (sports) and as a result lost loads of weight too
  • – I feel like the best version of me yet!
  • – Oh and I’ve proven to myself that I do actually have the willpower within me to make lifestyle changes, which have led onto making more changes

LINK – I didn’t force myself to NoFap – but Pornfree means I don’t even think about it now

I just want to thank this sub for being here when I stumbled on it 500 days ago when I was just realising that porn was bad for me, and for helping me through those first 8 weeks and beyond into a much, much happier version of myself.

If I may be bold and use this post to share a few thoughts:

  • Fake it till you make it works. Positive reinforcement, phrases like “I just don’t do that” become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

  • Invest in yourself. Read up on what you can (the Your Brain On Porn info eand the Urge Surfing MP3 etc). Being aware and knowledgeable supports success.

  • Talk to yourself as if you were 5. Would you say the hurtful things you say to yourself to a 5 year old? Essentially – be kind to yourself.

  • Your addiction will try to lie to you – it will try to justify lewd content as “not porn”, when we all know that’s BS. Something is porn when your intent is to get off on it.

  • Try to form new habits instead of breaking the old. Start small, seriously. I started by getting into the routine of having a glass of water in the morning as the first thing I do. That evolved into water, yoga, press-ups, mediation and a good breakfast to boot. I no longer do that in the morning. I’m human, duh :p but the point is that I was able to erase a bad habit by replacing it with good habits.

  • One more thing – and this is (imo) vital. Your addiction will most likely have completely and utterly warped your veiw of women as people. Many of the problems our society faces, sexual inequality, gender stereotypes, relationship issues… I could go on, all stem from it being normal to treat people in certain ways or expect people to behave in certain ways. If you want to make yourself and the world your family and friends inhabit, the world that your kids may one day inhabit… Then in the words of MJ, “take a look at yourself and make a change”.

Your disgust at the world the way is when you discover the extent that porn is fucking everything up will be ill-used if you direct the blame anywhere else but yourself for taking part in it all. Take the responsibility upon yourself to make yourself better.

500 days today