After 10 years, I could feel PIED creeping in – After 50-60 days, PIED has disappeared

I’ve stayed 100 days porn free! I missed the actual day by 5 days, but still worth posting about.

I started going pornfree mostly to stay sexually exclusive and monogamous to my girlfriend (not lusting after other women), so I wasn’t ever that concerned about benefits. I didn’t struggle with any psychological symptoms of porn but after 10 years of masturbating to porn, I could feel the onset of PIED creeping in, which was my other motivation for quitting. after 50-60 days I can say that that problem disappeared completely. I have no problems with that at all.

After that point, I feel as though there wasn’t any more “progress” to be made in that department. However, I can say that I kind of feel like I’m a teenager again, in the sense that I’m not as desensitized to the things I used to be. I guess this is what has been normal for thousands of years before high speed internet porn.

My number one tip for staying on track with noporn or nofap… Is to not go to war with it. A lot of people on this sub and nofap post here every day or are constantly searching for answers. The more you struggle with it, the more entrenched it becomes in your life. It’s like quicksand, or a Chinese finger trap. I like the quicksand analogy, because the more you struggle the less you have of yourself and the more encased in sand you are until it’s all you have left.

I think a lot of people who struggle with this obsession over porn addiction have a lot of “reasons” to stay invested in this struggle against porn and any kind of thoughts or feelings associated with it, and they all sound very logical and reasonable, but they will only keep you locked up in a mental cage. Allow yourself to have whatever thoughts or feelings that come up. You don’t have to discipline or control your mind or beat yourself into submission. Freedom from porn addiction should feel like freedom, not restriction.

Don’t worry about achieving the perfect outcome. It’s more important that you get yourself to stop watching porn and start living your life. If you have any questions feel free to ask, I don’t mind any questions.

LINK – 100 days!

by Sol_Zeodak