I did it. I hit 90 days, and I’ve had some of my best days in my life in those 90.

I finally made it. I can’t tell you how excited I am I’ve been counting this down for so long and here I am typing this out.

The first few weeks were really tough. Like really tough. But they were worth it because after the rain comes down, the sun still eventually shines. I remember one night being heavily drunk and depressed crying to myself hating my life and beating my self up for not completely getting out of my depression. That was going to be the last night I would feel that bad. I let out all the toxic feelings that night. I didn’t give up I was only 2 weeks into nofap around that time and knew that I never wanted to feel like that again. So I kept going. I knew that if I could resist the urge to fap I would grow to be a more confident person and that would help me mentally. After that night I started to feel a lot better I feel like I came to terms with my past and the things I’ve been through. I finally understood I still have a life in front of me to live and to really succeed at becoming an adult I need to be responsible and work on improving myself everyday.

Eventually my now girlfriend came along. She really is the one who chased after me but if I hadn’t been doing nofap I would’ve definitely blown her off because the anxiety was too high to deal with real life girls and it was much easier to get off on the ones on my screen. But I was done with that life. I started going out with her despite the anxiety and our feelings grew more and more each single day to know where we are so damn in love with each other. For a while I really thought I would never find anyone and I was just too damn broken inside to ever be loved or love someone. But once you start working on yourself you learn to love yourself despite all your flaws.

Learn to break your comfort zone because that’s really how you are going to grow as a person.

For me, nofap got easier once I got so tired of feeling like shit. I don’t even think about fapping anymore or doing the drugs I used to do because I don’t ever want to go back to that dark place. Life is so much brighter on the other side. Instant gratification is so damn evil and not worth it because the consequences last a lot longer than the pleasure does. It’s not worth being depressed over. So I just want to end this with saying, eat those three meals a day at least, drink lots of water, continue your nofap streak, go to the gym, don’t blow off your friends that want to hang out, ask that girl on a date, and really just take care of yourself. You are all you got so love yourself.

I’ve documented a lot of my journey if you want to see my post history. This community has changed my life! I always go back here for daily inspiration and motivation. I love you all!

LINK – I did it. I hit 90 days, and I’ve had some of my best days in my life in those 90.

by SwiftSwiftly