I do not have the fear anymore. Multiple physical benefits.

I was searching like hell on internet how to break the porn addiction for years, but finally found nofap after seeing infinity wars (I don’t know if it’s a coincidence!).
This is actually my 3rd time longest streak. But previous two reboots were not completely P free and lust free, that’s why I kept relapsing. But this time I saw one thread which entirely changed my rebooting method. 100% this will break your addiction. Only for commited quitters

All new thing I learn was to fap or don’t, but have to avoid the grey area in between. I used to keep edging in fear of relapse. But it attracted more failures. Because staying aroused for hours or days is 100× worse than a 1 minute relapse! Once I let go of all the lust, I literally didn’t got much urges at all this time.

Benefits – The benefits are combine effect of 30+100(only physically no MO) days hardmode +40 (physically +mentally no PMO) days hardmode


I had muscle twitching problem. It is no more.
Fast recovery after workout.
More cuts and hardness
Also same workouts give more effect than before.


I couldn’t complete the fitness blender’s HIIT cardio workout. Even after months of training, I used to give up in the midway.
I started this HIIT workout last week after one year gap, and able to finish on 2nd day itself.
I recommend you to try HIIT too, they metabolism booster.


Nothing new…yet. I don’t know how other keep having lots of changes in skin. Acne still come and go, independent of no pmo streaks, more dependent on diet (more for a period when I eat oily and junk food). But I do look more handsome because of changes in eyes, hairs and beard.


Dull, not alive, like it was dead man’s eyes. They use to look so dirty and sleepy that even I wouldn’t like to see myself in the mirror. They would look more sleepy and worse if I don’t sleep for more than 8hrs.They used to look much uglier in the phone camera.
I literally keep looking at this new eyes! They are sparkling.There is change in shape of the eyelid and skin near it. Like I lost eye fats or something. They look strong. Also kind of fresh even if I haven’t slept for two to three days(bad habit). More girls keep staring at me in the crowd. More hot ones.


One year ago I had big hair fall. Even the barber said that I have lost some hair. Also they were so thin and dry that I would feel the skull if I touch my head, like nothing’s in between.
Now, I have thick and healthy hairs, almost no hairfall. They make me look so much handsome than before.(I do not use any hair products) I’m lucky that I found nofap before I starting to have baldness. My 10% of colleagues and friends were not that lucky and others just want to continue excessive fapping.


Its more thicker and dense. But I’m not a fan of growing beard. But my friend and family appreciate it and want me to grow more. God I hear that too many times! For their sake, I trim 3-4mm weekly, not zero level .

New skill sets:-

-I can do handstand now
-Learned few softwares
-Video editing skills
I edited one video of my trekking – https://youtu.be/XzDHyYkiwI8

But that is still noob edit
Currently In learning to clone a person in a video.
-I learn to drive bike. I was scared to drive bike in traffic before coz I made little accident when I started to learn at 18th age. Never got chance again because of big city traffic. But this month I woke up early in the morning and drive the bike in the light traffic.


I do not have the fear anymore. The fear, depression that comes after O, “will I stay like this forever”, “what is going to happen with my life”, “I just don’t want to do anything, what am I going to do now”, “even the barber said, I’ll start having baldness in few year, I’m going to die now” and millions of the weird negative thoughts are no more!

I’m happy that I’m rebooted before I lose my virginity. I’ll stay virgin happily till I find perfect partner. It will be my first kiss, stronger and more memorable than any pmo. But I’ll not rush. S was one of primary function for our ancestors’ survival, not anymore.

LINK –40 days Hardmode, 6 month journey

by Hank Pym