I don’t miss fapping; the benefits are too good! I feel so alive.


I had never really thought about dedicating myself that much to NoFap, but after being active in the personal development community for many years, and being a long-time lurker on /r/nofap, I decided to go all-in and prove myself that I would never be a supporter of the porn industry again, and I would never ever let my sexual emotions take control of me again.

I was down after masturbating, I just never really thought about it or observed it, I was used to it.. I was always walking around the day after masturbating, trying to hide myself in public with a cap and a hoodie, I was so bad at maintaining eye-contact, I was so awkward and odd in social situations, because I had no emotional balance inside of me, because I kept releasing the most powerful and important energy force in the male human body, which is semen. If you are ready, I will now give you the entire report on my NoFap benefits and struggles! So grab a cup of coffee, and read on!

You got real, natural power inside of you in a liquid form, think about that

It’s a freaking liquid inside of you, that is able to create a living creature, how crazy is that to think about, and think about how powerful that is!

That is pure power inside of you. And when you keep leaking that, well, of course you will start to feel like shit, it’s like pulling out all the strength of you.

It took me many, many years to open my eyes up for how bad it is to do PMO. I began experimenting in the early age of 10 years old, approximately. That’s bad.

I have always been far ahead with many things, and always been extremely curious, unfortunately I was too early with this PMO-thing.

I was addicted from my first orgasm, and I kept doing it all up until I was 19 years old. That’s 9 years of orgasms almost every single day, out of pure boredom, loneliness, sadness, anxiety, and so much more.

I think It’s kind of an escape for a lot of people. It’s not normal to crave something that much. When you crave something that much, it because you need something more important to do in your life, a life purpose.

Anyways, in this overview here, I will be telling you everything I have been struggling with under my NoFap journey so far, what my results have been so far, and why I have struggled and how I have benefitted from doing NoFap.

Day 1 – Refocus, Refocus, Refocus:

This was the 4th of January 2018, I was randomly browsing around Reddit, until I saw this thread on /r/nofap about a New Years Resolution thread.

I was like… F*CK! it’s already the 4th of January, but I said f it, and I decided to start my NoFap journey. But keep in mind, I didn’t overthink it or made it complicated in anyway here, I just knew I was running out of time if I wanted to do a serious “New Years Resolution” even though I was delayed, so I had to start the non PMO, and I did.

Overcomplicating NoFap

I see way too many people on Reddit and on the NoFap forum overcomplicating things, and kind of giving it too much “Value”.

Let me explain what I mean by value. Let’s say you’re going for a run, you want to run 5km, and you’re not just feeling it. You keep telling yourself how much you hate running, and you try to come up with excuses for why you shouldn’t be running.

It’s so much more comfortable and nice to just sit on your ass at home, browsing your computer, but that doesn’t really take you anywhere. Because you think so much about it, and you give it so much weight and value, you’re building so many huge obstacles on your road to No PMO. Because of that you will never see the glimpse of any nofap benefits ever, so you better start refocusing!

Every time you have a thought about fapping, whether it’s good or bad, as long as you’re focusing on fapping, you’re building your obstacles taller and taller and wider and wider. That’s why it is so hard for the people on /r/nofap and the nofap forum to actually succeed, because they think too much.

1. Keep it Simple!

Your feelings are irrelevant if you want to succeed

Guys, your feelings are so irrelevant if you want to accomplish this goal. People lose, because they give too much weight on their feelings… “I don’t feel like doing this” “I don’t feel like doing that” “I am tired of this” etc.… You have already lost.

You have to be able to say F your feelings and emotions. You have created a subconscious habit in your emotional feelings to keep craving the orgasm, even though you know you will regret it.

Of course, it’s easy for me to say that you just have to make your feelings irrelevant, but you got to toughen the f up buttercup. If fellow Redditors and Nofappers can do it, then so can you. There is no difference between you.

You are the same human beings, but your THOUGHTS are different. So, you better start educating yourself, read books, listen to motivational speeches and readjust your lifestyle to something better and create new habits, instead of thinking about the NoFap thing all the time, else you will never reach the godly NoFap benefits.

I just went all into this NoFap thing, no time to overcomplicate things, think about it or give it too much weight, I just dived head into it, and so should you. No more reading about. No more browsing NoFap articles on the internet. Refocus. Refocus. Refocus.

Day 2 to Day 14 – Connections:

Let me be real honest with you here, I had some serious urges at this point, typically at night before going to sleep, because I always did my thing before going to sleep, so I could sleep much easier.

So, I also encountered a lot of problems with my sleep, I couldn’t fall asleep at night, and I started to unlock some seriously real and deep insights, deep inside of myself. Insights that I have been hiding away from myself for so long, were finally coming up.

I had often before starting NoFap, told myself that I was an introvert, and I mostly enjoyed to just be by myself most of the time.

I figured out that this was a straight up lie that I had been telling myself over and over again, I’ve told myself that so much, that I eventually started to believe it, and guess what, that was ultimately who I was on the surface. Until these new insights started to float up from deep within.

While I was trying to control my sexual energy at night, I decided to meditate. I hoped that maybe that would help me with controlling my sexual energy, which was very active at this point. I think I did maybe 15-20 minutes of meditation, and when I was done, I felt like I just uncovered some stuff about myself.

Realization of Loneliness

I realized I was a bit lonely, and I had been suppressing that for so long, by using PMO as an escape from that emotion, but I decided to just observe the lonely emotion, which I have learned by reading Eckhart Tolle “The Power of Now”, where he states that it is crucial to look and observe an emotion if you want to eliminate or change it. When you shine light on it, it disappears.

That’s exactly what happened, I shined light on my lonely feeling, by observing it and looking at it. I eventually came to the conclusion that meeting new people, connecting with people, having friends and relationships is the most important thing a human can ever experience.

Imagine if there was no friendships, relationships or connections in this world, how though it would be. We are built to have healthy and great relationships with other people, so that was my next goal inside of this NoFap Journey.

I actually had a deep URGE to meet new people and connect with people, as I had never ever felt before. I was almost hyped to getting up the next day, and talking to people, bonding with people and just be around people.

2. Connections is Everything on NoFap!

At this point, my eye contact also got really good. I was able to look my female co-workers in the eyes (Not too much, nor too little) without being anxious. I was thinking like, hell yeah, I can even look them in the eyes now!

This was a big accomplishment, and one of the best NoFap Benefits I have gotten so far, as I have struggled with eye contact a lot!

I also started to get in contact with friends, that I normally only saw in the weekends when we were partying, and we went to the gym together in the weekdays and were actually having a lot of fun.

Normally I was only together with my friends, Friday and Saturday, because those days of course was all about partying and alcohol. So that was also a big jump for me. I was still overthinking a bit here, when I was seeing my friends in the weekdays, but it always turned out good.

Everybody is insecure in their teens and 20’s

What helped me out was to know that, they were probably also a little insecure sometimes. I think everybody is in their 20’s. People try to figure out who they are and everybody compare themselves with each other. This has also been a huge insight for me.

Connections to other people is ALL that matters – You can’t survive without. You have to find that deep desire somewhere inside of yourself and unlock it.

Try to imagine what it would be like to win 10 million dollars.

How would you celebrate it? Who would you celebrate it with? You see…?

Connections is everything. Everything!

Day 15 to Day 50 – Water & Fire:

At this point, NoFap has become more and more integrated in my lifestyle, and has become something I do without even thinking much about it anymore, which is very positive. Maybe from day 15 to day 30 ish, I still had some slight edging going on, but only for a few seconds.

Though the further you get into NoFap, you for sure get some benefits such as confidence, better self-esteem, better self-image and so on, but another problem started to happen around day 20…

Leaking semen on NoFap

When I was taking a shit, I was leaking semen & I was starting to get a lot of wet dreams.

This has been really annoying to me, as I feel like it sometimes resets the NoFap benefits, but it’s a part of the journey I think. I won’t reset my counter because of that, since it’s normal for the body to get rid of excess semen. I think it might be because my body was so used to produce so much semen.

When I get into “Calm Periods” as I call them, where I really focus on eating vegetarian only and meditating a lot, eating superfoods like Spirulina, listening to 432hz music and everything, I don’t really have these problems, so maybe I should focus more on that.

3. Staying calm on NoFap is crucial to succeed!

But even though that’s a little struggle for me, I started to gain a lot more confidence and courage within these days. I started to don’t really give a fuck about a lot of things. But somedays are better than other days, that’s just how life is I guess… Yin and Yang is always playing around .

Day 51 to Day 90 – The 90 Day Mark:

I think at this point, my benefits of NoFap has become so normal to me, that I don’t even feel them as much anymore. People say I have changed a lot, my eyes are so much brighter, and I look like I am so much more alive.

Still having wet dreams and leaking semen sometimes. I didn’t bother to post my 90-day mark on Reddit, I think it’s getting too common. Maybe I’ll post the celebration gif when I hit the 1000-day .

Anyways, I feel good at this point, but I am also struggling with lowered sexual energy. I have been battling with some balanitis here, that might cause the lowered sexual energy, but I rarely get a hard on, maybe I’m just more in control, who knows? I was also suspecting NoFap for lowering my sexual energy, but I’m not really sure.

There is no such thing as shortcuts

I must say that NoFap is no cure for anything and is not a shortcut for anything. You might feel the wonderful NoFap benefits of confidence, better eye-contact, better self-image and so on in the first month or so, but you might get used to some of the NoFap benefits, as this happened to me or maybe it’s just because of my balanitis problem :S …

I think it’s all about expecting a lot from yourself and doing it. Like exercising, taking cold showers, starting that business, do terrifying shit that you know that you need to do.

If you multiply that stuff with NoFap that’s where you see the real permanent stuff happening! Because at this point, even though I am on 90 days, I still have periods of anxiety & insecurity.

4. NoFap is not a shortcut to success

Day 91 to 160 – Crystal Clear:

I am getting more aware of myself and my surroundings. Who I am and what I am capable of doing. I have days of so much mental clarity, I can just see everything from a very clear perspective, which makes me able to do tasks much more efficiently and also, I have started to become much more helpful for other people.

I think it’s a combination of NoFap and then when I was in India I got my hands on some Ashwagandha, which has really eased me up in a lot of positive ways.

More emotional stability, more confidence and no social awkwardness. These are the strongest NoFap benefits I have seen so far.

>>> You can read my Ashwagandha review right here if that might spark your interest. <<<

Isolation in India

I have also been attending a 10-day Vipassana Meditation Course in India, which also gave me a lot of insights. I was in pure isolation for those 10-days, which meant that I had a lot of time to think about my life, my family and friends.

Again, referring back to connections, that is simply the most powerful and most important thing you can have in your life. That’s the driving force of my life now pretty much. I genuinely want to make the world a better place for the human race and for animals.

It’s not just something that I say because it sounds good, it’s something that I actually want to do, and that’s what my life is going to be all about I think.

Anyways, everything is good at this point. Couldn’t be much better. Even though I still have wet dreams which is annoying, but I have to up my meditation game.

I started to train up for a marathon, I am exercising 3 times pr. Week, will increase to 4 times pr. Week soon. I have experimented a little with waking up at 6 am, which is REALLY helpful for my anxiety, I am just having some trouble sleeping at night, so I have to train myself a little more, and be more dedicated.

Anyways, I can tell you one thing. I don’t miss to fap at this point, the nofap benefits are too good!

Deeper understanding

NoFap does really deepen your understanding of yourself, your surroundings and the world you’re living in. It’s an amazing opportunity, that just waits for you to take action on it. PMO is a horrible thing for yourself and the people in the industry. It’s like freaking Heroine. It’s so good.

I want you to engrave this simple, but immensely powerful quote in your fucking soul, you ready?

“Easy Choices, Hard Life – Hard Choices, Easy Life.”

This really drives me forward. When I am out exercising and I am thinking about going home, always before I decide to go home, I always take an extra round just because I didn’t want to, you see how paradoxical that is? But that’s how you move forward and that’s how you reap the real NoFap benefits.

I am not yet at the finish line, and I probably never will reach it in this NoFap journey. I am planning on going without fapping, my entire life, as I think it is uncommon and unhealthy to do. Maybe a few times pr. Year is okay, but I prefer to keep it inside of me, unless I am with a girl of course .

As Napoleon Hill said:

“When driven by this desire, men develop keenness of imagination, courage, will-power, persistence, and creative ability unknown to them at other times.”

You don’t have to express this sexual energy in a sexual way, you can use it by simply transferring it into your creative side of yourself, maybe build your own business while running on this sexual energy. You can use it to whatever you want, just be smart!

I want to see you win & reap the NoFap benefits!

LINK – My Report of 160 Days on Nofap 2018 – Benefits & Struggles!

By alphaparty