I feel 10000 times better than before. I have MUCH less social anxiety

I found out about nofap almost one year ago. January 2019. During my first attempt I lasted exactly 21 days and relapsed. After the relapsed I remember binging and then tried again after a while. I had a few streaks all below 21 days since then. Right before the summer I had gotten a new personal record, 35 days. When I relapsed, I binged A LOT. After a whole summer of binging and fucking up streaks, I had another streak of 14 days. I relapsed, felt like shit and binged again. Then I started one more streak and that’s the one I am still holding right now. I am proud to say that I am over 90 days right now.

The benefits

  • I feel 10000 times better than before
  • I have much more energy
  • I workout regularly because of the time increase that I have right now
  • I do great in school, I learn a lot better because I have less brain fog
  • I am better in social situations
  • I have MUCH less social anxiety
  • I am not ashamed of my self anymore. At least it is less than before

Some tips

  • Start working out. This way you lose so much energy, so you get less urges. You will also feel better about your body which makes you happier and more confident. Also you can use it as an urge killer every time that you get an urge! It works great.
  • Start running. This was the best way for me to kill urges.
  • Start taking cold showers. They are just great for you. You will feel so good and motivated after every single cold shower you take.
  • Don’t stay up late, try to sleep before you scroll mindlessly on your computer.
  • Delete social media, or at least delete ALL models on your feed.
  • Don’t allow yourself to think about porn.

LINK – I finally hit 90 days and here is what I have learned from it.

by NoFapNOSJ