I feel emotionally and mentally better than I have since being addicted

From around 35-50 days I was super depressed and in an emotional flatline, but that has passed. After that short emotional flatline I’ve felt the best emotionally and mentally than I have since being addicted.

In terms of my sexual system it’s been the same- completely offline at the moment. I’m not worried about it because I know it needs to recover after 4 years of abuse. So in summary: Feel great emotionally, sexual system still completely down

I’ve made it to about 60 days (lost count but I know it’s been at least 2 months) but honestly it’s been a cruise. I flatlined the second day and from there it’s just been an easy streak.

This is the longest I’ve been P and M free in 4 years. Only O has been from two wet dreams. At this point just wondering when the flatline will end, but to be honest the flatline isn’t that bad for me at this point. I just see it as an easy streak.

LINK – 60 Days

By JI7097