I feel like Tom Brady…

Not really, but you know what I mean LOL.

All seriousness, I can manage my urges now with confidence and poise. I have truly healed and am free from shackles of PMO and lust. Of course I still get horny and of course there are times where I think of girls super sexually but it doesn’t run my life and it doesn’t haunt me throughout the day.

I have a lot of sexual energy and its beautiful! Its God’s gift to men. It should be harness in purposeful and creative ways though, not wasted. Lifeforce gentlemen… this energy gives life! This power is within us; we just have to use it correctly.

I’ve also quit drinking and its been over a year since I quit. So I don’t drink, smoke, or jerk off and you know what? The last time I’d hadn’t done any of those things was when I was a child. Think about that… so if my mindset is of more of a child, think about how creative and free one would be? There’s hardly no shame anymore. I’m not running away from my problems in life. I can now ask for what I want because one, I’m not attached to outcome so much anymore and two I have enough self discipline which leads to self respect to know I deserve whatever I ask for.

I cant stress this enough guys that it is worth the journey. Every day/night you think of goin back to your old ways, dont. Let that empower you; that you said no while many others say yes. I actually don’t blame people for relapsing because this journey is f**kin hard!!! I’ve done it so many times over the past decade so I know how that feels.

But guys if you ever need help, your brother is here for you. We are all fighting the same battle. We are all trying to get by and doing our best. Take care of yourself. Take care of your energy…. your focus; that way once you are able to show up for yourself; you can show up for your love ones more. You can be more present in the moment and start enjoying life more. No more cheap dopamine hits; try to enjoy the process and journey of hard work and long-term satisfaction will far outweigh short term pleasure.


my habits are just basic… no magic formula other than decent diet with some junk food here and there and exercising at least 4 times a week. I journal on occasion and then do private vlogs that I can watch later and assess how I looked/felt at that moment. I recommend it since you can track growth visually.

I think what I did different this time around sounds counterintuitive but whenever I got urges I wouldn’t resist the feeling. “What you resist, persists” is the old quote. I would really just be in the moment and sit with the feeling of lust and sexual desire. There were times I was extremely close to giving into my urge but once that feeling past I was so proud of myself. Just a rush of internal validation swept me… like a drug. Slay the dragon or tame the beast I like to personally call it.

It also tremendously helps in joining this community and posting; not just reading. It keeps you somewhat accountable and when you post or reply it feels good knowing you had the chance to help someone out. But you already know that since you have 1k + posts/comments. You feel part of something.

You can also work on yourself spiritually. That’s what I did.

Source: Day 170 LFG

By Clearminded_1234