I feel more confident about myself and am not scared to approach anyone in public. My social anxiety has disappeared.


Motivation: Before I started NoFap, I was lazy and de motivated. I smoked pot all the time, 4-5 joints everyday. Then I decided this had to stop and I decided to have a complete lifestyle change and hence took a 6 month sabbatical from work and moved in with my parents, to study and work on myself. I wanted the discipline back in my life. I now have a structured life and the discipline is slowly sneaking back. I sold my motorcycle and bought a bicycle instead,

I ride it to the gym everyday, and go on 20K rides every weekend. I sold my smart phone and bought a primitive phone which has only the call and sms feature. I quit social media entirely and let me tell you that that is one of the best things that I have done. I go on walks now, sit in my garden and write my thoughts in my diary. Things like that. I cook when I’m bored. Although, the studying habit needs to kick in, I need to jump on that wagon too.

Dating: I was just having sex with random women, hooking up with them and not call them again. But now, as some of you have read my previous post, I met this girl and we had a great time together and I’m going  to be seeing her next week too. I’m patient now and I’m not letting sex drive my relationship.

Urges: They were terrible in the first two weeks and I was going mad, I almost lost it. But I would just take a step back and look at what I’m trying to achieve here. Even after day 40, I got strong urges. You know,  there’s this rage that just takes over your mind and makes you think about sex all the time, to an extent that I got thoughts of seeing a hooker and stuff like that. But I controlled it. I used to throw in ice cubes in my  underwear on my worst days. But now, the urges do come now and then but I have learnt to control them without going insane.

Health: I feel very energetic every day. I took up jumping rope and I jump rope every morning, and lift weights in the evening. And I stopped eating junk entirely. I only eat home cooked meals and probably have a cheat meal once a week. I do drink once a week, in the weekend, as a reward for being disciplined and motivated through that week. I was a guy who hated raw vegetables, especially tomatoes. I found it disgusting but now I slice up two raw tomatoes with my salad every night for dinner and I really enjoy it.

Sleep: Before NoFap, my sleep cycle was erratic and I would sleep with my laptop on my stomach, at around 2 or 3 am but now I have structured sleep timings and it feels so good.

Confidence: I feel more confident about myself and am not scared to approach anyone in public. Earlier, I had social anxiety and every time I walked out in a mall, on spotting an attractive woman, I would feel that I’m not good enough and that I can never get a woman like that in my life. But now, that thought doesn’t cross my mind at all. Simply put, I don’t give jack shit.

I’ve tried to be precise and have jotted down all the areas which I felt are significant. It has been a tough journey guys, but all I can say is that I am so glad that I started this. Trust me when I say this, NoFap is like this weeding machine that is set out to remove all the undesirable plants in your beautiful garden. The beautiful garden being the best version of yourself.

Still a lot weeding to be done but I’m ready to take it one day at a time.

I did it guys! I achieved the 90 day mark. I’m thankful to all of you to keep me motivated. I know that this is just the beginning of the long journey and i’m all game to go the distance. In this post I’m going to be listing  down all the changes that I have been able to observe significantly in the following sections :-


LINK – DAY 90. I DID IT GUYS! A summary of my journey so far

by haritmeansgreen