I feel more confident and have stopped second-guessing every action

When I first got introduced to this subreddit I was drawn in by the people claiming they had gotten superpowers of sorts. However, one thing I have learnt is that there are no superpowers to be gained. Semen isn’t some holy liquid that grants you power. What nofap does it help you feel more confident within yourself, that is the cause of everything that follows.

Over this period, I have become far more productive, I have started learning Spanish, I read and meditate every day, I go to the gym more and have better uses for my time.

For me, the change was slow, and initially I didn’t see a change. Looking back however, I see how much more confident I am. I don’t second guess every action wondering how it may change how people perceive me, and I’m better able to just be myself.

I have still have bouts of nervousness, times I question myself etc, but the difference is that I am now able to actually control that and work beyond it.

As the title suggests, I’m talking to someone for the first time ever. I used to be terrified of girls, I couldn’t talk to them alone unless the topic was impersonal and the idea of them scared me. Now, however, I am able to be myself and have more intimate and meaningful conversations.

My best advice to anyone starting or struggling with nofap is to find a drive. I failed so many times because I didn’t take it seriously. I thought if I stopped PMO id become better overnight. I didn’t and as such I kept failing. The real boost for me was the desire to prove to myself that I could do this, and to be in a group of people who overcame their urges. This motivation has carried me through.

I won’t stop now. I plan to quit forever. Nofap didn’t change my life, but it helped set me on the right path to do so.

Next stop – 365 days. See you all in 2021!

LINK – I hit day 90 today! talking to a girl for the first time and i’ve never felt better

By Idm123