I feel more fulfilled and happy day to day. Memory improving. I relate to my wife better and more calmly when there is conflict.


These past 33 days were overall less struggle than the first 30. This is my longest streak in recovery ever. I’m confident hard mode has been the best decision to really get that brain reboot done right.

I last wrote in this particular forum after completing the first 30 days, hard mode. Here is a link to that post – it is detailed including my recovery starting 10 years ago: https://www.nofap.com/forum/index.php?threads/completed-30-days.142654/#post-1156603

Some outcomes to report in the last 33 days:

1. Physically, I am at my lowest body fat in 20 years and at a new low in over 10 years. I was already in shape before starting nofap, but I still blew through a long plateau in December with waist measurement. Now under 32.5” circumference around belly button portion of stomach – Fat went down 3mm in a month! I’ve worked out consistently for 10 years straight, and eating with improved nutrition for several years, and never seen such an extreme drop. Maybe due to semen retention?? (And, didn’t work out more than typical so something new and good is happening).

2. I feel more fulfilled and happy day to day. I believe this is likely b/c dopamine receptors are normalizing. Every day is not bliss but there is a less negative emotions coming up. This alone is so great!

3. Had a great time visiting with old friends over the holidays. This one may have nothing to do with nofap as I’m extroverted naturally, but did feel I handled challenging conversations more intelligently with the improved focus that I have. One of my friends pushed a button and I gave him a good reply back and also ended a conversation early when I realized I was feeling pissed – all good.

4. Memory improving – recalling old info faster. I’m relieved as I was getting worried about this a few months ago.

I continue to look forward to how my results improve in areas requiring concentration and focus at work. And investments. And how I relate to my wife better and more calmly when there is conflict. Any marital improvement would be huge – esp now that I’m 2/3 through the reboot phase.

One thing that I did get reminded of in the last few days – recovery is not a linear process. I had an intense urge on NYE that was more like the first couple weeks of this streak rather than the ease of most of the last 33 days. This has reminded me to expect resistance in the process that just pops up — need to push through those urges by tolerating/experiencing them without acting out.

I want to wish all of you great success with your nofap goals in 2018.

LINK – Completed 63 Days (9 weeks)

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