I finally made it to Day 90. I feel great. But now I have to leave NoFap.

Hey Fapstronauts,

I did it. Like many others before me, I did something that I thought would be impossible.

I made it to 90 Days without masturbation or porn.

What started off as an exercise in restraint and productivity has honestly become the most significant change I have ever made in my entire life. I have changed so much as a person over the last three months and accomplished so many things that I thought I could never do.

I found God. I went to Coachella (never thought I would be able to do that). I’m leaving my old career path as a politician in order to become a cartoonist, something that I’ve always wanted to do. I no longer hate myself. I don’t objectify women, but see them as humans now. I discovered that sex isn’t as important as society makes it out to be. My body doesn’t hurt that much anymore.

There are countless things that I have gained with my journey. But I also suffered a lot in order to get here.

I started having panic attacks. I became depressed. I began thinking about death. I learned that we don’t have much time left on this Earth.

But I find that to be liberating.

We all get trapped in our vices for so long that we don’t notice when time is slipping by us faster and faster. No matter what we do, we can’t get back our lost time. We can’t correct our past mistakes.

But that’s okay.

The only thing that matters is now. What this means is that we must no longer put aside our hopes and dreams, but we need to start working towards them now. We need to abandon our soul-draining jobs and stop trying to act fake to earn the approval of other fake people.

We owe it to ourselves to start living. Because we will all be dead one day. No amount of vices or money or prestige will stop it. We can spend our limited time doing the things that we truly love instead of those that we hate.

And it is with a heavy heart that I leave NoFap for good after today. I know this is a hard battle, but that’s what Life is. We keep fighting until we’re dead. I believe that you guys can win this fight. We’re different from other men, who will have their entire lives slip from their fingers because they never had the guts to fight themselves. We will win this war. We have to. We can.

Goodbye, everyone. You’ve helped me so much but now I have to go. I need to follow my dream in what little time I have left here. This is it. No second chances, no extra lives, no do-overs.

LINK – I finally made it to Day 90. I feel great. But now I have to leave NoFap.

by Vir Rex