I finally made love without any PIED

I’ve been trying to go porn free since mid February or so. I still have relapsed a few times, even on Thursday. But even our efforts are still better than when we were going full PMO several times a day.

I used to have issues staying erected during sex. Last night I was able to stay fully erected without any thought of anxiety. I was able to ejaculate also.

I was even able to wake up in the morning and go for a second round with my girlfriend and managed to ejaculate again.

Not sure if I’m cured, but I will still continue on this adventure of staying away from pornography. I think being able to have sex again is a big step in the right direction for me. This is probably the biggest accomplishment I’ve had so far during this process of removing porn.

I feel like this will make it much easier now also.

Good luck to the rest of you fellas.

LINK – I finally made love without any PIED

by Riddoxx