I forgot how to make friends – until now


Yesterday i went to get a haircut and a nerdy hairdresser cut my hair. On porn, i would have seen this girl as a potential girlfriend and judged her head to toe unconsciously. But now that my brain has begun to heal, I didn’t view her in this way. [But] nofap is changing my view of women.

Instead I just didn’t care. What ended up happening is I interacted with her as I would my male best friend and ended up charming her with my real personality and not some lame try-hard lines I desperately cling to.

By charm I mean she became very friendly and I felt a connection with her that resembled the connections I felt with friends I had in the past. This I am starting to see is how relationships form. First friendships and then sexual relationships come out from that.

Funny how this was happening to me in junior high school without noticing, but after PMO I didn’t even know how to make friends.

LINK – The way nofap is changing my view of women

By ilikehotfries