I got manlier, Clear minded, Depression went from 100 to 0, Social anxiety went from 100 to 20, More emotional, I stutter less, Many more benefits

I managed to hit 60 days on my third attempt and I´m proud about myself. During my journey I noticed big changes from day to day and I want to share it with you guys.


– I´m enjoying life much more

– I got manlier

– Clear minded

– Muscles growth got crazy

– I´m happier now

– Depression went from 100 to 0

– Social anxiety went from 100 to 20 (I´m still shy, but I´m working on it)

– Female attention got crazy (Some girls can´t stop staring at me)

– I need less sleep

– Never ending energy (I have urges to move even in the evening)

– I enjoy food more

– My skin color went from dead to shine (I was like a zombie during my addiction)

– I can think straight

– Confidence boost from level 1/100 to level 70/100

– I can talk to girls now

– Some people get awkward around me, they are like intimidated

– I socialize more

– Got a confident body language

– It seems like I grew more hair (I don´t know about this one)

– I get more compliments

– I got more emotional

– Music sounds really good now

– I stutter less

– I smile at strangers when they look at me

Here are my tips to success:

– Cold showers kill the urges in one nanosecond

– Find new activities like playing an instrument, learning a new language, doing sports

– Meditation is the key for a clearer mind

– Delete instagram (It´s a softporn app)

– Get an internet blocker for pornsites

– Socialize more, find new friends

– When you can`t go outside clean your house

– When you relapse, then don´t worry that you lost your streak, be happy you´ve made it this far

– Go on a hike if you are alone

Now here´s my problem, which bothers me kinda.

Since day one I have had only one strong urge during my journey. I thought I will get too horny, but apparently not.

Am I having a fat flatline or am I too busy with life I forgot about masturbation. If anyone can help me just explain it to me.

Anyway I`m going to continue my epic streak and we will see us again when I hit 90 days.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

LINK  – 60 Days Results/Benefits And Tips

by CuriousMan00