I had extreme social anxiety. No more stammering and it’s amazing. I feel like a new person.


Damn this has been quite the journey. I used to fap everyday. When I used to fap everyday I used to think … hahahah nofap is stupid and pointless and is nothing but a ‘ challenge ‘. I had that mindset as an every-day fapper. Boy was i wrong.

I started nofap because honestly when I resorted to fapping every day i got tired of it. I would be in the middle of fapping and just stop because it got so tiring, hard feeling to explain. I truly started nofap because I met a girl and we connected so well and I realized there’s more to women then having sex with them. You can truly connect to women, and when you do it’s a great feeling to have. That feeling I got from truly connecting with a girl led me to nofap. I knew I had to improve myself. I had never really ‘ connected with a girl before this’.

I had extreme social anxiety when I wasn’t on nofap. I’m not sure why this was. I could barely talk to anyone at all or I would freak out inside my head causing me to stutter or mix up my words. Well, I hoped on nofap and everything has changed. I have no social anxiety anymore and it’s amazing. I went into nofap not expecting much; but here I am and feel like a new person. Nofap also seems to make you more productive and gives you energy to get off your ass for sure. I’m not gonna say it makes women magically attracted to you, but it makes them intrigued by you somehow. I have had many girls stare at me many times, and have had more interaction with girls then my whole time not being on nofap. It’s funny how it works.

I may have talked a lot about girls in this post. But nofap is not about getting laid, or getting a girlfriend; to me at least. It is about improving yourself. The thing is I see a lot of dudes I know constantly complementing girls, trying to get their attention stuff like that. Honestly I’m not like that. I learned to focus on yourself and eventually they will come. “If you chase it, it will run”. Let them come to you. Be that great of a person that they will come to you. Strive for that.

As far as urges go. I know a lot of people get those. You won’t believe me on this one, but I have had no urges on this streak. Yea. I learned that if you don’t  check out women’ and or fantasize about them you will get minimal urges. Don’t check out women while you’re walking down the street, don’t stare. Stuff like that adds up. Now listen to this, if you stare at women, if you check out women/fantasize about them on a daily basis you wonder why you get so many urges? Cut that part out and you will be surprised how far you go on this streak.

Its 2am right now as I typed this so my apologies if something isn’t clear.

Stay strong everyone!

LINK – Day 90 Long Post

by TheFuture44