I have a better connection with my family. I am a kinder version of myself.

First I wanna thank everybody for the advice and support!!!!

I am porn free for 74 days now and PMO free for for 34 days. I can honestly say a lot had improved in my life. The changes I made myself, not the superpowers :

  • Quit smoking now for 2 month
  • Started running and doing push ups 2 weeks ago, is going well!!
  • Start a new job Monday, very excited because my previous job paid well but was very unhealthy physically
  • Started meditating daily , 20 minutes a day, not too much but haven’t missed lots of days last month
  • I eat healthier, still room for improvement but is a lot better now
  • I make all my payments on time and I use to procrastinate everything even when I always have the money
  • I have a better connection with my family because I take more time for them

There is lots of room for improvement but I’m definitely a better version of myself! i have good days and bad days but that’s just life if guess . I don’t feel the need to watch porn at the moment and seem to connect more with people in general, I am a kinder version of myself. I do feel kinda lonely sometimes since its a couple month I had a gf. But hey I can only work on myself and be the best version, woman will come I’m sure and if i see opportunities I will act on them. I am not a big fan of just going up to pretty girls on the street and trying to pick them up. I wanna live from the heart and not run after my dick all day. But each to his own. Sometimes i feel stupid i relapsed on day 40 last time because I would have had 75 days otherwise but then again that’s not that important. Good luck everybody on this journey and i think my benefits give a realistic view of the changes that can happen. I see videos on YouTube sometimes with all these crazy changes in short time but for me it takes more time and it isn’t all magic, it takes effort and patience. Greetings from Belgium!

LINK – changes I made on nofap

by t-bone 80