I have become a kind and loving person ever since I quit

Your boy made it! I fapped for the last time a year ago, which happens to be my birthday. A year of Porn-free Life has taught me the most valuable lessons in my life.

Yes the power is real. Better strength, endurance, memory and cognitive capacity. I don’t need much food, sleep. Less mood swings and emotional stability.

But most importantly, I’ve become a sensitive human being. Porn made my brain numb. I forgot my parents were getting old, my girlfriend needed me and I failed to catch the vibe of a person I’m talking to. I unknowingly ignored all the delicate moments and failed to connect emotionally with my loved ones.

I have become a kind and loving person ever since I’ve started nofap. I am able to express my love to my parents, work hard to make them proud. I’m more emotionally stable in my relationship and very confident during social interactions. It has made me an adult in true sense.

It is totally worth it, and makes you live a way better life. It is the best birthday gift I could receive and I feel proud of myself for that.

Ps: Guys there is so much I’ve experienced over the course of one year. I couldn’t mention it all so I’m opening up the thread if you’d like to ask me anything specifically. Lots of love to this community. Stay blessed.


Follow up comment

Thanks. No I didn’t have PIED but I suffered from premature ejaculations. Initially it got even worse because of increased sensitivity. But I learnt the ways to control it at will, still in progress.

Edit: The erections have become stronger and with correct training, it makes a lot of difference in the sexual performance.

LINK – One year ago, I gifted myself the best thing ever – A Porn-free Life

By – TheLoneWolf_07