I have enjoyed replacing fantasy with real life sexual relationships built on honesty and openness.


I have now reached 180 which is my longest streak. It has become normal to live without PMO and I have enjoyed replacing fantasy with real life sexual relationships built on honesty and openness. I have essentially become who I wanted to be simply by filling the void with relationships, new friends and adventures instead of porn.

I now count weeks go by instead of days.

I have been telling everyone I meet what I am doing and most people are amazed. People who think is weird are usually highly unimaginative or stupid. Many men I talk to light up when they see why I’m doing it. I.e., to face the void and force myself to live a richer life.

NoFap has made me a very passionate and effective lover who finds pleasure in the smallest things and most importantly in the pleasure of giving pleasure. Counter intuitively my sexual stamina and self control has increased dramatically.

I am now a social person who goes out nearly every day. I used to go out once a week.

I no longer enjoy computer games. I had previously racked up 2000 hours on battlefield series.

My muscle mass has gone up mainly because I have more motivation to eat and exercise.

I can hold eye contact with anyone and natural interactions occur wherever I go

Somehow I have even ended up going to hot yoga with a new purely platonic girlfriend. Unthinkable six months ago. I would never have done such a thing. It was horrifying to even consider something like yoga.

The most powerful and life changing aspect of quitting, has been being able to tell people who I really was, to tell the truth in order to help them re-think how damaging porn is. And own that truth. Not as some moral priest, but as a messenger for self-honesty.

I have eliminated drama from my relationships with the opposite sex by embracing openness and honesty from day one. Rather than scaring people off, the more honest I am, the more people want to be around me. I no longer lead people on, or be unclear. I don’t waste anyone’s time. I don’t lie to anyone about what I want. It all stems from facing up to the biggest lie, which was PMO. I now see that honesty is also the most powerful aphrodisiac.

Despite all this, part of me wants to go back to my old ways. And now I am twice as far as I intended, the temptation is extremely intense. Why should I keep going? At this point the choice is clear. It’s either phase, or a lifestyle.

LINK – Day 180. Realisations

by damienslash