Age 17 – I have had a clean year and this is what happens.

My 2018 new year’s resolution was to not watch porn, as I was antisocial, and couldn’t speak to women with confidence. I relapsed once in late January. In 2017 I watched it every day, and if home alone, all day. I was shy, afraid to talk to people; I knew that my skills were so bad that I completely stopped watching it at the start of 2018. Now in approximate 1 month time was where I made that decision.

How has not watching porn affected me? I gain way more confidence when talking to women, friends, and slowly getting confidence to talk to strangers. One issue I had was I was scared of my small size, I couldn’t think of anything to say in conversations. Now I don’t care anymore and instead of my saying ‘no’ to things, I mostly say yes.

And although over the year some explicit photos may have come into my view at some time, I knew if I looked at porn, the scared, antisocial body shamed me would come back, and I was really scared for that me to come back as I can see my real self. Once you see who you can really be, you will never think of watching porn again.

TL;DR: Porn trapped me in a box, which stopped my from socialising, hindering my social skills and confidence. Once I could see my real confidence without porn, I didn’t hesitate to never watch it again.

LINK – I have had a clean year and this is what happens.

by diam123