I have Waaay better sexual relationship with my wife (bit more self-esteem & energy)


So yeah 200 days. After 19 years of multiple faps a day, escalated fetishes and regular +hour long edge sessions, I quit on the 9th of January. The first 14 days or so were ok, even good, aside from the strong as fuck urges. Then all the way to around the 60 day mark were hard as fuck: really bad withdrawal symptoms, depression, flu like, random urges 5x a day, headaches, heightened anxiety, anger, sleepless nights, insecurity and probably a few more I forgot.

After that it slowly got better. What changed for me:

• For me the most important reason beforehand was getting rid of my anxiety (GAD with panic attacks and agoraphobia) However, it saddens me to have to say that NoFap did absolutely nothing for me in that regard.

• More self esteem, but not amazing self esteem.

• A little more energy

• Waaay better sex life and sex stamina. I used to need to fuck in one certain position otherwise I would go soft. And then I still needed to go full steam ahead for the orgasm, with fantasizing, otherwise I would have to give up from getting tired and flacid. Now I have hour+ long sex sessions no problem, without needing to fantasize and every now and then I need to hold back or cum too soon. 180° change.

• Waaay better sexual relationship with my wife. (At some point we did it maybe once a month, and even then I didn’t really feel like it. Now it’s usually 3 or 4 times a week. It also gotten way more interesting)

• Slowly but surely my view of women has changed dramatically (I didn’t realize before how weird the way I viewed them was, until i started to notice the change, this took months). This also makes it so that I’m never nervous talking to women anymore. So I guess in that sense the self esteem did go up.

• Believe it or not: a 10% bigger dick (I think it used to never get bigger than 90% and now it gets its full potential.) My nuts are also quite a lot heavier, not important, but it does make one feel manly xD

But the most important change:

MASSIVELY ENHANCED WILLPOWER. Now this is also partially because of daily mindfulness and cold showers, but fuck this makes all the difference in your life.

Any change I want to make in my life, I make. No fucking problem. New diet, no complaints, no cheat days, just doing it. New training plan (after being a couch potato for 30 years), doing it every fucking day. No more junkfood, no more staying up longer than I know I should. No more procrastination. No more excuses.

Willpower is the key to everything. In the beginning you have to force it, slowly but surely it will come more and more natural.

Also, being on the internet ofcourse I get confronted with porn regularly, but it really doesn’t do much for me anymore. Ofcourse I still like boobies, but the little energy jolt of horniness (dopamine) from seeing a hot naked chick on my screen, I haven’t had in a long time. That took quite a while though. Definitely more than 90 days.

If there are other things any of you want to know, ask away.

Addition: I never saw this as a streak, this is me quitting this addiction. I quit 200 days ago. Just like I quit smoking 7 years ago. Relapses are not an option.


by Apenut