I kissed my high school crush who I was once afraid to talk to out of fear

I don’t care what anyone says inside this community or outside of it. Honestly I hope every new Fapstronaut can read this and just hold on a little longer and let things unfold, but I’ve just been too changed by No Fap to deny it’s benefits.

Today I kissed my high school crush who I was so afraid to talk to out of fear. After my first week with No Fap I just felt my urges sort of building up and bothering me so out of nowhere I messaged her just reaching out to a girl with no expectations. If she never replied I would just say screw it and move on, otherwise I would just take a chance and see what happens.

I’ve been talking to her since that first week for the 30 days now, and today I kissed her. I’ve been so alone for the past while and getting desperate, but this girl wasn’t a nobody. I had a huge crush on her from years ago that stuck with me and I genuinely believe No Fap gave me the courage and at the very least the drive to keep trying regardless of failure. I don’t want to preach power or say I’m better because of No Fap. Really Honestly Truly I just want to say Thank you.

Thank you all for posting the things you post. Thank you for Motivating me when I asked. Thank you for providing this community structured towards growth. Thank you guys for helping me find some strength in my life again. Truly thank you to everyone reading this who was ever posted something motivational, inspirational, or proactive towards this communities growth.

Maybe it was just a coincidence that me stopping No Fap lined up with this series of events and NO Fap didn’t cause this, but it’s no coincidence that I actually felt like I had a supportive group of like-minded people behind me.

LINK – No Fap Works

By KillerDmen