I literally am exploding with this sexual energy/libido. Way more confidence. Social anxiety/shyness almost gone


90 days hardmode. Because damn was it hard. I began on 21st of January and promised that I would reach 90 days no matter what. And here I am. I have gone through so much hardship and pain to get to this point, I think many who have gone to 90 days can relate. This is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. But also the most rewarding. The benefits I have right now are:

-More energy: I literally am exploding with this sexual energy/libido.

-Way more confidence: I have high self esteem and care less about small things. They don’t bother me as much.

-Social anxiety/shyness almost gone: I feel very little shyness and can express myself more freely. I suffered from extreme social anxiety and shyness when I was fapping. You guys were right. Masturbation causes social anxiety to many of us.

-Thicker beard growth: I have decided to grow a full beard and it’s growing faster and thicker. For me a beard looks masculine and makes me more confident/dominant. I will keep it well groomed/trimmed.

-Female attraction is real: So many times I’ve had girl gaze/stare at me, from train to college etc. It’s like they feel certain aura/energy/vibe around me. I feel confident in my ability to get a girl.

-Better posture: If you are on a long streak, you won’t be afraid of walking confidently, you will have a better posture because you don’t give a shit about what others may think.

-Deeper voice: I don’t know why but my voice got deeper and I stutter less.

That’s it guys. My first ever 90 days report. I have changed completely from the person I was before. NoFap is unbearable at times, but it is really worth it. To all of the guys struggling, believe that you can do it. 90 days is just the beginning of a new life.

LINK – I finally did it boys. 90 days report

by Okaynofap