I looked horrible while I was on that addiction

after 30days its super easy u will stop having big urges, and u will realise u don’t think about masturbation as u did before.

don’t come in this sub, checking ur badge everytiem, bcz that will make u think about porn/masturbation.

my biggest tip i guess: everytime u want to fap think about that embarrassing moment when u couldn’t get hard, when u had death grip, when u came super fast bcz of fapping, and think the reasons u started doing this etc.

Changes: i only had sex twice, on 30 and 50 day i guess, i was disappointed bcz i still had the problems, ED and Death grip (but only for the 2nd time, the 1st was awesome, but to get hard for the 2nd it was complicated), i posted on this sub about that, people said i needed d more time,

def more confidence , i think my look changed, honestly idk why i looked horrible, when i was on that addiction, maybe because i was constantly tired, bcz of fapping everyday. more energy of course. Happier. i am not so anxious now. etc.

i will try to get laid, to see if i improved sexually

if someone wants i can send a pic, of BEFORE and AFTER ( u will def see a difference)

sorry for the horrible grammar,english is not my main language. GOOD LUCK

LINK – i think i just hit 90 fuckn DAYS, honestly it wasn’t that hard.

By yurialy