I matter to everyone around me way more than I originally thought


I’m in high school, and when I first saw the subreddit I thought the entire thing was a joke. When I opened it and explored the topic, I definitely thought something like this was exactly what I needed. Most important benefits I noticed: Improved sleep, processing rate, attention span, my eyes became less squinted and dark, and holding eye contact was much easier.

I started NoFap back in July. That was when I couldn’t stand the life I had chosen, or more realistically, the life I wasn’t strong enough to change.

I’ve relapsed about 4 times since then, and learned so much from each one.

But along this 60 day streak, the one thing that is so crazy to me is the sense of belonging that now follows me wherever I go. I have a purpose in life, now that I’ve eliminated a huge barrier. My true friends appreciate me more than ever. No longer do I feel out of place or embarassed whatsoever when I approach new people.

To others, the best benefit is [not] looking healthier, or attracting more women, but to me it’s finally realizing that I matter to everyone around me way more than I originally thought.

LINK – 60 days and what I appreciate most

By sm0keybar